The New Age of GNV Ulty’s Female Matching Players.

Hi frisbee friends! The inability to actively participate this season has been hella frustrating for me, but I’m determined to show my support and be a part of the experience by joining everyone on the sidelines regularly. To add an extra layer of excitement for myself, I’ve decided to pick a team to cheer for.Continue reading “The New Age of GNV Ulty’s Female Matching Players.”

A New Age in Gainesville Ultimate Draft Writeups

In the last decades, advanced statistical models have revolutionized sports analysis and allowed pundits, team managers and gambling odds-makers to predict team performance with unprecedented accuracy. However, for some reason, Gainesville ultimate league has lagged behind. That changes today. Behold, the Gainesville Ultimate Frisbee Draft Strength Index (GUFDSItm). This one-of-a-kind, visionary advanced statistic predicts relativeContinue reading “A New Age in Gainesville Ultimate Draft Writeups”

Revisiting crystal ball and predicting playoffs

Alright, well after a fun and dramatic regular season of frisbee, here we are! Unfortunately, after having a season of relatively good weather, our last games of the season were rained out, which is pretty lame. Either way, it has been a really fun season of throwing that disc around. It appears my crystal ballContinue reading “Revisiting crystal ball and predicting playoffs”