Ultimate frisbee is a team sport and like with all sports an individual’s stats are largely a result of team success and individual effort. Stats are cool for bragging, or winning Jeopardy. But sometimes the best statistics aren’t measured or quantifiable.

Team Point Differential

Leader Board

Team Attendance

Scores & Assists

Frisbee is a game for people who like to run and catch, and people who like to stand still and throw. Frisbee also is full of people on the sidelines who like to drink and cheer. However, there’s only stats for goals or assists. If you can’t win the game on the field with effort, win the game on the sidelines with even more effort. Some specialize in either throwing or scoring goals, hybrid players are dynamic enough to take whatever the defense gives them. S&A is a combo stat used to determine a player’s ability to generate offensive plays. Turnovers can come in the shape of interceptions, hand blocks, broken up passes, or the fabled intimi-D, where you try so hard, the offensive player is obligated to drop the disc on principle alone and applaud your prowess.