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Gainesville Florida’s Ultimate Frisbee League


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Gainesville Ultimate is an organization dedicated to growing the sport of ultimate frisbee and fostering a love of the game at all skill levels in the Gainesville area. Gainesville Ultimate provides opportunities for community members to learn, teach, and play ultimate. We believe that each and every person is important to making this a successful and welcoming community. Click below to find out more about us, meet our board members, and see how you can get involved!


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Sign Up for our ultimate frisbee rec league. Then stay involved all season with your game schedule, player stats, pick ’ems votes, league reports and articles, and learn more about captains!

Gainesville pick up frisbee AND TOURNAMENTS

Want more frisbee in your life?

There are several pick up groups around town that are open to everyone! All skill levels are welcome. Come play some ultimate and have some fun! Check out our pick up page to find out when and where games are happening.


Are you a UF Student?

Check out our Men’s and Women’s College Ultimate Club Teams! The UF Ultimate Club teams recruit new players all year long. Find out how to get involved with our local programs through the link below.

GAinesville club Ultimate

Looking for a Club Team?

Gainesville is home to multiple club frisbee teams. Many with a long history of regional and national appearances in multiple divisions and age brackets. Check out our active teams below. 

Cypress and Grove
Silver Q
Meet the GNV ULTY Sponsors

Shout out to Fehrenbacher’s for sponsoring our Jerseys. Fehrenbacher’s Artisan Sausages is a locally owned and operated producer of Sausages and cured meat. Check them out on Facebook to see their latest menus!

Cypress and Grove

HUGE SHOUT OUT to C&G for hosting the Summer 2021 and Fall 2019 draft and end of season party! Don’t forget to swing by after league for post game hydration, relaxation and frismunnication!


An absolutely enormous thank you to Vecinos for hosting our Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 end of season parties! Thanks for keeping our parties LIT and the pastries flowing! Follow them on Facebook @vecinosgainesville

Britt renee

Silver Q

Huge thank you to Silver Q for sponsoring our Jerseys. Take a visit to the best billiards & sports bar in downtown Gainesville, FL. 30 TVs, 40 beers, full liquor bar. Iconic nights start at Silver Q.


Shout out to FEATHR for sponsoring our discs. Check out their website for career opportunities with the coolest birds in town!

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