Schedule & Game Format

Fall22 League Info

Team Rosters
Shea & Aaron

Aaron Colverson
Alison Leung
Chip Deal
Christopher Bailey
Dawn Henry
Jacques Vardaramatos
Jared Futral
Jessica Peterson
Johnny Wu
Josh Jacobs
Kevin Jones
Lars Bjorndal
Matt Henry
Paul Nickerson
Shea Husband

Asa & Anton
(Marsh Mermaids)

Asa Eliasson
Billy Field
Cooper Whisnant
Dalton Pohl
Devon Keyt
Ethan San Inocencio
Grant matherne
Jono saunders
Judah Lebofsky
Nathan Schaller
Reagan Vesely
Simone Tillman
Steve Anton
Tom Brown

Joe & Luke

Andrew Reynolds
Brian Choi
Chris Oster
David Cromer
Ellie Thomson
Evan O’Neill
Hannah Fetko
Jeffrey Burdette
Joseph Fleury
JP Organ
Katherine Pearson
Luke Alexander
Nathaniel Wilson
Spencer Hammett
Will Byrd

Zach & Michelle

Ben Crosbie
Bhagya Patel
Cali Pearce
David Mills
Justin Galin
Kaylen Chiang
Michael Tomaino
Michelle Floyd
Riley Colquitt
Ryan Plant
Thomas Dolce
Toshi Kirton
Zach Floyd

Jeff & Jenny
(House of Dragonflies)

Dan DePaul
Evan Grillon
Jacoby Hine
Jeff Rose
Jenny Nguy
Jeremy Broad-Wright
Kellie Diehl
Manuel Mendez
Phil Janzen
Steve Schubart
Steven Nguy
Timmy DePaul
Tom Culpepper
Tomás Cusi

Clyde & Brandon
(Mud Dogs)

Alek Hartzog
Anthony Traina
Ben Chapin
Ben Lewis
Bonnie Toplikar
Brandon Bowlin
Caroline Hill
Chris Falk
Clyde Anderson
Eric Buenrostro
Gabriel Cornejo
Larissa Strath
Matthew Stock
Steven J

Max & Tommy

Abbie Post
Ace Atwater
Andrew Pohl
CeCe Collinson
Charles Overdevest
Clea Lauriault
Jake Todd
Jonathan Shedd
JT Bringardner
Munir Ben Jemaa
Pranav Guduru
Raul Ruiz
Ronan Morris
Tommy Akin
Vishnu pragash

Schimmel & Danny

Ben Baumer
Bradley Nelson
Danny Gallagher
Danny Greene
Elizabeth Moyer
Emory Wellman
Jackson Chase
James Thomas
John Schimmelpfennig
Lyle Brenner
Matt Baldwin
Noah Damski
Patrick Gettino
Summer Brown

Week 1: Sept 11th

Pre-Season Event

Week 2: Sept 18th
Game 1Game 2
Field 1Shea vs ZachShea vs Shimmel
Field 2Jeff vs JukeJeff vs Zach
Field 3Max vs Brandon Max vs Juke
Field 4Schimmel vs AsaBrandon vs Asa
Week 3: Sept 25th
Game 3Game 4
Field 1Zach vs SchimmelZach vs Brandon
Field 2Jeff vs MaxJeff vs Schimmel
Field 3Asa vs JukeAsa vs Max
Field 4Shea vs BrandonShea vs Juke
Week 4: Oct 2nd
Game 5Game 6
Field 1Schimmel vs BrandonSchimmel vs Juke
Field 2Jeff vs AsaJeff vs Brandon
Field 3Shea vs MaxShea vs Asa
Field 4Zach vs JukeZach vs Max
Week 5: Oct 9th
FieldGame 7Game 8
1Mud Dogs vs JukeboxMud Dogs vs Tax
2HoDf vs ShaaronHoDf vs Jukebox
3Workshop vs Marsh MermaidsWorkshop vs Shaaron
4Schanny vs TaxSchanny vs Marsh Mermaids
Oct 16th – BYE WEEK

Week 6: Oct 23rd

Game 9

FieldTeam 1vsTeam 2
1Jukebox vsTax
2House of DragonfliesvsWorkshop
4Mud DogsvsMarsh Mermaids

Game 10

FieldTeam 1vsGame 10
1JukeboxvsMarsh Mermaids
2House of DragonfliesvsTax
4Mud DogsvsShaaron
Week 7: Oct 30th
FieldGame 11vsGame 12
1TaxvsMarsh Mermaids
2House of DragonfliesvsShanny
3Mud DogsvsWorkshop
FieldGame 11Game 12
2House of DragonfliesvsMarsh Mermaids
3Mud DogsvsSchanny
Week 8: Nov 6th

Game 13

FieldTeam AvsTeam B
1Jukebox HerosvsSchanny
2House of the DragonfliesvsMud Dawgs
3ShaaronvsMarsh Mermaids
Week 9: Nov 13th

Game 14

FieldTeam AvsTeam B
1Jukebox HerosvsMud Dawgs
2House of the DragonfliesvsShaaron
3WorkshopvsMarsh Mermaids
Week 10: Nov 20th – PLAYOFFS
SemisFieldTeam AvsTeam B
S22Marsh MermaidsvsMud Dawgs
S33House of the DragonfliesvsTax
1st & 2nd PlaceField 1Winner S1 vs Winner S2
3rd & 4th PlaceField 2Loser S1 vs Loser S2
5th & 6th PlaceField 3Winner S3 vs Winner S4
7th & 8th PlaceField 4Loser S3 vs Loser S4
Game Format and Rules

Game Format

Single HeaderDouble Header
Start Time 2:00pm 2:00pm, 3:30pm
Assess Points AT 2:15pm 2:05pm, 3:35pm
Game To 15pts11pts
Half Time 8pts6pts
Hard Cap 4:15pm 3:15pm, 4:45pm
Time-outs 1 per half + 1 floater 1 per half


2 Brackets (Championship and Chump)
W/L Standing, W/L Point Diff, then Point Diff for seeding

Gender Ratio

GenZone team dictates ratio & plays at least half their female-matching players rounded up (*see below for examples)

*Gender Ratio: Team in GenZone (eastern end zone) dictates the gender ratio. GenZone team must play at least half of their female-matching players in attendance, rounded up. The opposing team must match this ratio.

Examples: Team A has 2 female-matching players in attendance and is playing Team B who has 4 female matching players.

When Team A is in the GenZone, they must play at least 1 female-matching player and Team B must match. Team A can also play 2 female-matching players and Team B must match 2 as they have enough female-matching players to do so.

When Team B is in the GenZone they must play at least 2 female matching players and Team A must match. However, Team A cannot play 3 female matching players and expect Team B to match.

Weekly Message Board

This weeks game schedule: Semis & Finals

*please arrive at the fields early, games start promptly at 2!

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