Meet Your Captains

Meet Your Captains

Our Captains’ goals are to help players grow and to create a spirit of inclusiveness among all frisbee players

Joe & Billy

Joe & Billy are captaining together for the first time this season. These guys bring the fun, experience and hammers to gnv ulty league. When Joe is not sporting pink on the grassy knolls of citizens park he can be found just over the wall saving lives at the pool. Billy Field has been playing ultimate for about 7 years. He started his career playing for the Florida A team and then starting playing more ultimate like league and Vicious Cycle. In his free time, you can find Billy playing board games, hanging out with his girlfriend and their two beautiful cats, playing pool, or being the best Mario Kart player in Gainesville. Billy can’t wait to captain for the first time and show the whole league his new and improved flick, taught by the frisbee guru himself, Joe Fleury.

Ben C. & Matt

Ben has been playing ultimate since he was 18 and has developed from a clumsy highschooler skating around in tennis shoes to a clumsy neurologist with joint pain skating around in cleats. He enjoys trying very hard at Frisbee and hopes you will too! Matt has been playing college, club, and league ultimate since 2010. He and his wife, Dawn, moved to Gainesville in 2020 for him to start his medical residency in Pediatrics at UF, and this will be his 4th league seasons with GNV ULTY. He and Dawn have at least 2 children and 1 furry boi, and in his free time he enjoys playing drums, pretending to play guitar, video games, and watching the Kentucky Wildcats beat the ever-living crap out of the Florida Gators.

Zach & Michelle

Zach and Michelle first met playing Gainesville pickup in 2009, though each had been playing for many years prior to even that. They’ve been active in various areas of Florida ultimate for well over a decade. From captaining league teams, coaching college groups and competing with various club teams, their combined frisbee experience is vast (i.e. they’re old). Outside of ultimate, Zach is a software developer and spends his days staring at a screen. Michelle works as a veterinarian and reportedly pets puppies and kittens all day. When they’re not on the field, they’re chasing two toddlers in opposite directions, and you will see both little minions at the fields each week.

Jeff & Ben B.

Jeff Rose has been playing in the Gainesville Ultimate for nearly 10 years (with a brief hiatus for a new ACL). A friend encouraged him to sign up for league shortly after he moved to The Swamp in 2012, and, the rest, as they say, is history. He’s honored and proud to be serving as commissioner for such an incredible community, and is grateful to all the other volunteer leaders for the time, work, and emotional investment they put into constantly improving and growing our league, and working to expand our positive impact on the community of Gainesville. When not playing ultimate, you can find Jeff bangin’ chains, playing with his dog, wife and baby boy, and (hopefully more of this now than in recent years) traveling the globe to explore new and exciting destinations.

Shea & Jia

Shea grew up in Gainesville and has been playing league since 2014. While in high school Shea founded the Eastside Youth Ultimate team which continues to be one of the most successful youth frisbee programs in the state. He played club frisbee with FloridB in college and has been captaining in league since 2021. Shea is a Masters student at UF studying wildlife ecology. When he isn’t playing frisbee or working you can find him on or under the water, spending his weekends diving and fishing.

Jaylynne & Devon

Devon is a 4th year Data Science major at UF and a 4th year frisbee player. He has played many league seasons and is excited to be returning as a captain. Outside of frisbee, Devon works as a bartender, and loves to have fun playing blackjack and stargazing at Kissimmee prairie park. Jaylynne & Devon are captaining together for the first time and are excited to share their passion for the sport with their new team. Their goal is to have the most spirited team in league (and maybe give out some cool prizes along the way).

Nathan & Chris

Hi all! We’re Chris and Nathan! When not playing league, Nathan can often be found playing additional Frisbee with a side of more Frisbee, reading a gripping fantasy novel, exploring the various nature walks of Gainesville, or cuddling with either of his two cats, Pewter and Hammie!

Alek & Aiden

Alek & Aiden

Looking to get involved?

If you have questions, would like additional information about Gainesville Ultimate Frisbee, or would like to get involved please contact us to let us know!