Meet Your Captains

Meet Your Captains

Our Captains’ goals are to help players grow and to create a spirit of inclusiveness among all frisbee players

Shea & Aaron

Shea has been playing league in Gainesville since 2014 and this is his fourth season as a captain. He is a Gainesville local, growing up here and founding the Ultimate team at Eastside when he was in high school. Shea is a MS student at UF studying Wildlife Ecology. Aaron loves Gainesville ultimate and has been a supporter for decades. If he’s not playing frisbee, he’s either playing music or studying music and health.

Jeff & Jenny

Jeff Rose has been playing in the Gainesville Ultimate for nearly 10 years (with a brief hiatus for a new ACL). A friend encouraged him to sign up for league shortly after he moved to The Swamp in 2012, and, the rest, as they say, is history. He’s honored and proud to be serving as commissioner for such an incredible community, and is grateful to all the other volunteer leaders for the time, work, and emotional investment they put into constantly improving and growing our league, and working to expand our positive impact on the community of Gainesville. When not playing ultimate, you can find Jeff bangin’ chains, playing with his dog, wife and baby boy, and (hopefully more of this now than in recent years) traveling the globe to explore new and exciting destinations. Jenny has been playing ultimate through pick-up, league, and club for over 10 years. Unfortunately, she is recovering from an ACL repair and is unable to play until spring. She is on the GNV ULTY Board and specifically helps to run this fun website. When not tinkering on the website or playing frisbee she can be found eating tacos, drinking margs, kayaking our many springs or exploring nature with her adorable pup Tucker.

Clyde & Brandon

Brandon has been around Gainesville since 2010 and has been playing ultimate just as long. With experience playing with Florida-B in college to captaining teams with league for years now, Brandon loves to help players find their role and stretch their abilities on the field and develop a deeper understanding for the game. Outside of league, Brandon is an 8th grade science teacher, loves to play disc golf, the bass guitar, and has recently joined the parenthood world with his wife with two new foster kids! Clyde is still somewhat new and fresh to the GNV Ulty scene but a veteran of the sport. He’s very excited to be a first time captain. When Clyde not chasing flying plastic around you can catch him exploring the great outdoors or tapping his toes to some good tunes with his wife and daughter.

Asa & Anton

Asa has been playing ultimate for over 10 years now. She began playing with the UF women’s Ultimate team FUEL and is now coaching the UF Women’s team DIESEL. Asa has been playing with GNV Ulty League for many seasons now but this is her first time captaining a team. Anton has also been playing ultimate for well over a decade (though that’s hard to tell with his 29 years young self). Anton has helped grow the Ultimate community here in Gainesville by helping to run a local pick-up group and always recruiting new players on his brief visits to the gym. This is also Anton’s first season captaining at league. Asa and Anton can not be more excited to meet their team and start their captaining career with GNV Ulty by bringing home the championship trophy!

Zach & Michelle

Zach and Michelle first met playing Gainesville pickup in 2009, though each had been playing for many years prior to even that. They’ve been active in various areas of Florida ultimate for well over a decade. From captaining league teams, coaching college groups and competing with various club teams, their combined frisbee experience is vast (i.e. they’re old). Outside of ultimate, Zach is a software developer and spends his days staring at a screen. Michelle works as a veterinarian and reportedly pets puppies and kittens all day. When they’re not on the field, they’re chasing two toddlers in opposite directions, and you will see both little minions at the fields each week.

Joe & Luke

Joe & Luke are captaining together for the first time this season. These guys bring the fun, experience and hammers to gnv ulty league. When Joe is not sporting pink on the grassy knolls of citizens park he can be found just over the wall saving lives at the pool. Luke plays with the UF men’s Ultimate club team and they both played with the local open club team Vicious this past summer. Joe and Luke are very excited to lead their team to victory this season, or at least not last place.

Schimmel & Danny

Schimmel has been playing in league for 15 years or so and has a drawer full of jerseys to prove it. Off the field, he works as an Assistant Public Defender, but he can be found slinging discs at chains or possibly playing some pickleball in his free time. Schimmel met his wife through ultimate and they now have a beautiful daughter who will be running around on the sidelines most weeks. Danny is fresh and new to the Gainesville area but has been playing ultra competitive pickup and rec l ultimate since he was a wee lad. If you don’t see him throwing a horrible turnover, and claiming the disc “slipped”, he will be on the sideline saying slightly hilarious phrases to keep the moral going! Schimmel and Danny are looking forward to a fun and rewarding season.

Max & Tommy

Tommy started playing pick up with The Corner Crew (local band of ultimate misfits with soccer backgrounds) in his early 30’s and quickly gravitated towards all of the pick up opportunities throughout Gainesville nearly seven days a week. League was the next logical step followed by being picked up by The Woolly Mammoths Masters team and taking on the responsibilities of Co-Spirit Captain. During Men’s Masters Nationals in Aurora, CO, Tommy was presented with the Spirit of the Game 2016 Award Disc. Tommy was taught by legendary players of the Gainesville ultimate community, including Travis Tooke, Dan DePaul, Timmy Darnell, Kevin Jones, Steven Johnson, Jill Kubisek, and Ted Kubisek to name a few. Tommy currently plays a leadership role on Tom Petty and the Markbreakers (mixed open), plays with Grand Master Flash (men’s grandmaster), and will scrimmage against Vicious Cycle when Zach Floyd thinks the team needs it and schedules align.

Looking to get involved?

If you have questions, would like additional information about Gainesville Ultimate Frisbee, or would like to get involved please contact us to let us know!