Meet Our Sponsors

Cypress and Grove
Silver Q
Meet the GNV ULTY Sponsors

Shout out to Fehrenbacher’s for sponsoring our Jerseys. Fehrenbacher’s Artisan Sausages is a locally owned and operated producer of Sausages and cured meat. Check them out on Facebook to see their latest menus!

Cypress and Grove

HUGE SHOUT OUT to C&G for hosting the Summer 2021 and Fall 2019 draft and end of season party! Don’t forget to swing by after league for post game hydration, relaxation and frismunnication!


An absolutely enormous thank you to Vecinos for hosting our Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 end of season parties! Thanks for keeping our parties LIT and the pastries flowing! Follow them on Facebook @vecinosgainesville

Britt renee

Silver Q

Huge thank you to Silver Q for sponsoring our Jerseys. Take a visit to the best billiards & sports bar in downtown Gainesville, FL. 30 TVs, 40 beers, full liquor bar. Iconic nights start at Silver Q.


Shout out to FEATHR for sponsoring our discs. Check out their website for career opportunities with the coolest birds in town!

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Sponsor Prospectus

GNV Ultimate’s Facts and Audience

What is Gainesville Ultimate?

GNV Ulty is a recreational ultimate league. People of all ages, abilities and experience come together here to share a love of the game. Our mission is to grow and advance a love for the sport of ultimate in the Gainesville community. Spirit of the game, Inclusiveness, and Respectful Competition are our guiding values.

The participants in our multi-season league are all local to north-central Florida, with most living in the Gainesville area. The league has participants of a wide age range, but is predominantly made up of millennials age 26-41. By sponsoring GNV Ulty you gain access to an audience of students, working professionals, parents, pet owners, foodies, beer-drinkers, and more!

League Facts


Years of Activity


Seasons per Year


Historic Participants


Participants per Season


Each season GNV Ulty provides our participants with a jersey, meaning each year we produce over 500 jerseys for our players. Jersey sponsors can add their logo to the sleeve of the jersey, back of the jersey, or both! We do ask that sponsors work with us to make the design appealing and fit well into the season’s jersey design. Assets must be delivered in a timely manner so as to not delay jersey orders.


Once a year, GNV Ulty will order hundreds of discs which are awarded to league winners as well as sold back to the league. Sponsor logos will be added to the disc at GNV Ulty’s discretion. We do ask that sponsors work with us to make the design appealing and fit well into the year’s disc design. Assets must be delivered in a timely manner so as to not delay disc orders.

League Drafts

League captains run a draft prior to each season throughout the year in order to create balanced teams and align on core initiatives. We ask that any sponsor interested in hosting a league draft have basic AV capabilities.

End of Season Party

League likes to play hard and then party harder. Each season ends with a large league party after the final day of play in which we cut loose with beer, games and a good time. Previous hosts have included Cypress & Grove, Vecinos, and Silver Q’s.


GNV Ulty has recently begun managing Frostbreaker, the longest-running ultimate tournament in Florida. Frostbreaker annually brings in teams from throughout Florida including Pensacola, Vero Beach, Space Coast, Orlando, and more.

All Physical and Event Sponsorships include the following digital sponsorship aspects

We do offer digital sponsorships as a standalone package. GNV Ulty is committed to a strong digital presence and our website hosts all necessary information for league participants including the league schedule, team listings, scores, individual player stats, captains report, photographs, local pickup games, and more.

Website hosting, email, social shout outs

Those interested in standalone digital sponsorships can expect:

  • Website Ad: Includes a backdrop/logo, short description, applicable contact information, and link to the sponsor website/
  • Email Ads: Includes a sponsor logo, which links to the sponsor website, in all league email communications
  • Instagram Shoutouts: Includes monthly shoot outs on the league Instagram
1 Season2 SeasonsAnnual
Jerseys (Sleeve)*$250$450$600
Jerseys (Back)*$300$550$750
Jerseys (Sleeves & Back)*$400$750$1000
Events (Draft, EoS Party, Frostbreaker)*Contact for Custom PackageContact for Custom PackageContact for Custom Package

*Includes applicable Digital Sponsorship package in price