Mission Statement

Our mission is to grow and advance a love for the sport of ultimate in the Gainesville community. RISE Respect, Integrity, Spirit of the game, and Effort are our guiding values.


This community values being inclusive, accepting, and respectful of all genders, ages, and skill ranges. Abusive, disrespectful, dangerous and/or threatening behavior will not be tolerated. This includes but is not limited yelling at other players, swearing at other players, threatening violence, or putting other players’ safety in jeopardy. The only thing we value more than Spirit of the Game is the safety of our players. Dangerous and/or reckless play will not be tolerated.


Ultimate is a self-officiated sport, and we encourage you to familiarize yourself with the rules. We’re not always going to agree, but we should always err on the side of what is fair, and find resolution in a respectful manner. When in doubt, agree to disagree. State the call. State the contest, and move on. Captains are responsible for knowing, explaining, and advising on the rules.


GNV Ulty is a recreational league. People of all ages, abilities and experience come together here to share a love of the game. One of the things that makes Ultimate special is Spirit being central to the game. Familiarize yourself with this core value of Ultimate:  http://wfdf.org/sports/ultimate/161-spirit-of-the-game-


Sometimes you’re going to be behind by a lot. Sometimes you’re going to play games that, from a seeding or competition standpoint, may not have a major effect on the season. These are great times to practice positions or skills you normally wouldn’t in a competitive game. They are not a great time to shut down or stop playing. Always play with pride and effort.


If anyone feels that another player is behaving in a manner that is not in line with the league’s values of spirit, respect, and integrity, and/or effort, a formal grievance goes before the Spirit Committee (selected/elected each league) to determine its merit. If the grievance is deemed to have merit by 50% or more of that committee, the following actions are taken:

  • Grievance 1 Upheld – Probation
  • Grievance 2 Upheld – Player is suspended for the rest of that season, but may return on a probationary basis the following season.
  • Grievance 3 Upheld – If a player returns after a suspension and has another grievance upheld against them, they are no longer welcome league.
  • Grievance 4 Upheld – It’s never gonna happen, because it’s 3 strikes and you’re out. Come on people, let’s all make sure we never get to that point.

If you feel someone has broken one of our above bylaws, reach out to us below. Please note we take these grievances very seriously, they are not meant to be done flippantly. We encourage players to communicate with each other on the field and utilize their captains to help facilitate before submitting a grievance.

For more information about Gainesville Ultimate reach out to one of our Team Members!