GUFDSI reboot for CCC

Well, it’s the fall. And that means college tournaments. And one of them happens to be during our league tournament. Putting a tournament the weekend before Thanksgiving? Who does that?

So, since I know we all hate uncertainty and want to know how league will finish right now, it’s time to update the GUFDSI rankings. These were previously scaled so that 0 would be the minimum, but I’ve kept the same scale to make it clear how much the teams were affected by CCC:

8th) Weenie Huck Junior: GUFDSI -136, previously 0 (8th)

Already a team that drafted for the regular season rather than the tournament, the additional losses of Billie and Rosie (and Jeffrey?) for coaching along with their college kids dropped their rating even further.

7th) David Huckins: GUFDSI -127, previously 48 (4th)

This team took the biggest hit losing Baghya and Jack as well as Jemima and Quinn from the girls.

6th) Scoober Snacks: GUFDSI -94, previously 29 (6th)

Scoober Snacks was another college-heavy team, losing Max, Jia and Savana. But, everyone else moved around enough to leave them where they were. And, let’s face it, Max was probably going to ditch finals due to a paper due the next Friday anyways.

5th) Horror Flicks: GUFDSI -45, Previously 32 (5th)

This team is having a rough regular season with attendance but I suspect they will b0unce back for the tournament. Losing Kay and Frank will be big hits, as well as their college guys, but, relative to some of the other teams, they’re keeping most of their core guys and staying put in the rankings.

4th) Fantastic Fourhands: GUFDSI -15, previously 1 (8th)

This team loses some college kids (Hanna, Abdiel and Aiden) but, more importantly, retains Cate and Dustin.

3rd) Best Friends: GUFDSI 16, previously 87 (3rd)

Losing Omie and Ava sucks but this team got by unscathed on the guy side.

2nd) Pop Quiz: GUFDSI 87, previously… 87 (2nd)

Wow, look at that, no college kids on Zach and Michelle’s team. After all of his previous teams have been packed with college kids. What are the odds… I’m not saying Zach KNEW when CCC would be schedule, but I bet he suspected. Anyways, smart, something to remember for next year, good enough to keep 2nd place…

1st) Frisboos: GUFDSI 99, previously 174 (1st)

Another relatively lucky team. Frisboos kept all their girls and only lost 1 guy. While that guy was Luke, their first pick of the draft, this team went undefeated the first half of the season without him. Think of it like the Chiefs losing Tyreek Hill. This puts the odds on the final a lot closer, but the result should still be the same.


2 thoughts on “GUFDSI reboot for CCC

  1. I had no insider knowledge, the date wasn’t announced until after the draft, and CCC has never been that close to Thanksgiving. I found out from Nes at goaltimate the same week everyone else did. B teamers don’t go to CCC, so a good chunk of the college players are still going to be around.


  2. Very well put and the insider knowledge is nice. It looks about right on but Look at weenie huck, JR!! only one defeat and one forfeit. That is pretty good for a team that you had ranked 12th out of 8. Who would of guessed.

    and ——

    It is an error to have these two events on the same weekend. It changes too many teams too much. The two finalist are going to be the same two teams but for everyone else it stinks. Tommy had easy simple fix. What was going to be a great day and one I was really excited for is no longer held in that regard. Sorry to say.

    (just my two cents. Maybe I was too excited for the one day season ending league tournament. )


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