The Universe is Good to Us! (This time)

Welcome BACK to the Insect Insider, I’m your host, Jess! On today’s segment, myself and my wonderful co-host Nathan will be joining forces yet again to bring you up-to-date (ish) coverage of the second Spwinter League double header. After our week off enjoying spring break, half our caterpillar swarm were still in beach mode and/orContinue reading “The Universe is Good to Us! (This time)”

BumbleDeez dump and cut their way to victory!

What a beautiful day for some Sunday frisbee fun! I mean the weather couldn’t have been better. A light breeze, but nice and warm in the sunlight. The vibes were immaculate for the BumbleDeez today. Unfortunately, this good energy was ruined rather quickly for me during practicing my throws with Joe. I committed the cardinalContinue reading “BumbleDeez dump and cut their way to victory!”

The Dump Beetles Took their Job Seriously Against The Murder Hornets

The disappointment of the loss to The Hunkering Caterpillars must have carried over and then some to the match up against Jeff and Clyde’s Dump Beetles, because once we fell behind there was no catching up. The murder hornets saved themselves from some embarrassment by rallying in the second half to end the game 11-8Continue reading “The Dump Beetles Took their Job Seriously Against The Murder Hornets”

The Huckery Caterpillars Over The Murder Hornets On Universe

The Murder Hornets had been looking forward to this rematch since their first loss against them earlier this season. There was less wind this past weekend and our score was a lot closer. Makes sense, The Murder Hornets are susceptible to being blown off course and The Huckery Caterpillars are more like The Hunkering DownContinue reading “The Huckery Caterpillars Over The Murder Hornets On Universe”

Week 6 – Cutterflies on Spring Break

Sunday was the first week where our attendance was anything less than excellent, with only 7 flying cutters available at game time. Who knew that drafting a team full of college students would have issues when school wasn’t in session? Lucas would join us several points into game 2 after a 4.5 hour drive backContinue reading “Week 6 – Cutterflies on Spring Break”

Bees ‘scream’ as they are killed by Murder Hornets, study says

I couldn’t say it better than the New York Post This was a big rematch after we won a great competitive game that went to universe featuring nearly full squads on both sides, with Dave Klinges out for Bumble Deez, presumably doing something with frogs. Compared to the last time, we were missing Mohammed, Brandon,Continue reading “Bees ‘scream’ as they are killed by Murder Hornets, study says”

The BumbleDeez have their buzz killed

This was a game we came into really excited for. After our first week, we had a heartbreaking universe point loss to the murder hornets and the BumbleDeez felt like they’d improved so much since that first tragic loss. Unfortunately, despite some hard play, the result of this game was no different than that firstContinue reading “The BumbleDeez have their buzz killed”