Frisboos scarier than Pop Quiz, become last undefeated team

Both teams came into this game missing key players. We lost Luke to regionals, as well as Reagan and rookies Alexander Thompson and Jacquelyn Langrell. Zach’s team was down Jared, Eric and Michelle among others. We expected to come out and continue to roll and did so for the first 3 points. Then Pop QuizContinue reading “Frisboos scarier than Pop Quiz, become last undefeated team”

Fantastic FourHands Issue #2: Roasted by the Weenies

In our week 2 matchup against Weenie Hut Jr’s. we started off with a solid point of offense where everyone touched the disc. However, in a flashback to last week’s game two, we quickly went down 1-3 after a seemingly flawless point 1. While we were seeing lots of consistent cuts in the middle ofContinue reading “Fantastic FourHands Issue #2: Roasted by the Weenies”

Good Things Happen When You’re with Best Friends

Goooooood morning everyone!! It’s here! It’s happening! It’s a brand new season of League! New teams, new friends, and new opportunities for Ultimate glory! But what would a season of League look like without a good old fashioned corporate rebranding of your favorite local news outlet?! That’s right! For all the diehard fans of theContinue reading “Good Things Happen When You’re with Best Friends”

Fantastic FourHands Flame Out

In our debut issue, the Fantastic Fourhands weren’t quite able to make the splash we were hoping to. Although we went 0-2 on the weekend, both games were surprisingly close. In game 1 against David S. Huckins, we played two long, grindy points with only 1 sub before our reinforcements arrived in Kate and Abdiel.Continue reading “Fantastic FourHands Flame Out”