Summer League 2022 Mid-Season Standings

Who is going to win it all?

Every season there are teams that exceed expectations and others that crumble due to poor attendance or injuries to key players. This season every team will play each other twice. Here is my take on where each team stands after the first round of games.

Tier 1 – League front runners

Yellow – YOLO

This team has arguably the best pair of players in the league in Mike Arbutine and Luke Alexander. These two are some of the fastest players on the ground and almost unbeatable in the air. Unfortunately, Mike has other frisbee commitments (he might play pro friz or something) and cannot risk injury going all out in league. This team is solid all the way through. TK, Ben, Bonnie, and Tom are a deep group of handlers, and they have some fast receivers in the likes of Brad and Anton. They also have the good luck of JIM DAVIS on their team, and Jim has been on more championship teams than anyone in recent years. This team should win it all if their attendance is better than Whites.

White – Team

This team is probably the oldest team on average but there frisbee IQs are off the charts, and they are one of the fastest teams in the league. The combo of Aaron, Schimmel, and Palmer behind the disc with the likes of Josh Barker, Deanna, Pat, and Larissa burning people under and deep at will is scary. If this team doesn’t win it all it will be due to attendance. Josh Barker’s long tenure playing in Gainesville paid off drafting this team and grabbing players like Palmer and Pat in later rounds than they usually go.

Carolina – Blue It

Shea and Natalie consistently draft top teams together. This team is not quite as good as the Gold Team they assembled in Summer 2021, but they can still win the league if White and Yellow aren’t careful. Carolina’s two losses are to White and Yellow, but they’ve pulled together in the last few games and are running a hot offense now with the additions of Nick McGrane and Nate Astrom. Look for Carolina to upset Yellow next week behind huge efforts on the parts of Mac, Nate, Rainer, and Natalie. We’ll need to see better play out of Zach Floyd and Shea for that upset to become a reality.

Tier 2 – Potential Bracket Busters

Orange – Orangutan

This team has so many good pieces that just have not been fitting together consistently. Ben and Nathaniel have been great on both sides of the disc but there have been some inconsistencies amongst other players on this team. Injuries to Kyle and Milani have held this team back some, but Alex and Kyle have capitalized on this to take time to grow some of their newer players. This team could become a threat any week once the team clicks.

Royal – Flush

This team could have been great in Spwinter League or any season where winds and zone defense dominated. However, in the sweltering heat and stagnant summer air this team has been unable to dominate. The handling duo of Jared and Adub should be able to put up some of the best throws in the league. You may ask who would they have to throw to? This team has many potential answers in Danny, Kay, Asa, and Katie Chase.

Pink – Team

This team is somehow not doing spectacular… How do you start a season with a 3 – 4 record when you have Billy O’Bryan, Ross, Rosie, Joe, and Max?? If the answer isn’t terrible decision making by Joe and Max, you really have no excuse besides maybe attendance. This team can be dangerous if they get everything working. They have a solid group of ladies in Rosie, Fresca, Caroline, Jenna, and Clea, which can match just about any other squad out here. Billy O’Bryan is still arguably one of the two best players in GNV ULTY, so this team has zero excuses for underperforming to this level. I had expected this to be a top three team going into this season.

Tier 3 – Miracles can happen in an open bracket

Black – Lights Out

This team could have been so good. With hands down the best core of ladies in the league with Ness, Jenny Nguy, Jill, Emory, and Alison. Those ladies are fast, tall, and smart, so clearly the issue is with the guys on this team. Sam and Speedy are consistently great league players but behind them this team sort of fall off.

Sage – Green

This team did not stand a chance to run it back to the championship as soon as the draft closed. Evan tried to draft a good team picking up some UF A-team guys, a gentle giant, and some women who are fast and reliable. But this team has been unable to pull it together all season. Cooper cannot be both your primary handle and best option to receive the disc down field.

Closing Remarks

Think these are bad takes? Too bad. Write an article about how wrong I am. Maybe the second half of the season will show that the records to date are flukes. The open bracket means everyone still has a shot at glory.

– Your 2nd favorite league reporter

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