Spells of Prediction

The clever all-knowing wizard is here just in time for 2023 summer league predictions. No inaccurate crystal balls here when I have magic at my fingertips. We have a huge diverse player pool this season and some very evenly matched teams. Let’s get into it!

8th Place (Toilet Trophy): Sky Blue – Jenny & Anton
This team has the experience and expertise to make it far but I am not so sure I see it happening. We have two of the best Friday night pickup players in Aaron and Austin. The mean and lean duo of Anton and Dan Hamann. The never ending wisdom duo of Clea and Sara. We have the one and only Coach Chris Oster and Evan as a duo handler set. The biggest man in town Thomas Chase who is coming off a stellar college season. Trieu who has some of the nastiest inside flicks in town. The thing I’m most excited for is to watch Jenny make her way back onto the field. She’s truly amazing and embodies everything that makes frisbee the best sport in the world, we also wouldn’t have a working website without her. Even with all of these amazing players the nice guys always finish last.

7th Place: Purple – Alex and Devon
This team is either going to be a fine tuned machine that destroys or a mix of uncontrolled chaos. Having Kate or Dustin either week will be huge. Having one of them should bring this team some much needed peace of mind. On the other hand, Bradley Nelson and his hurt knees won’t be bringing anyone peace of mind as he will ultimately get injured, scare everyone, and then continue to play. Between Devon and Brad it will be exciting to see who goes down with the most injuries and gets right back up. I’m excited to see the UF players getting coached up and playing better than anyone expects.

6th Place: Green – Nathan & Reagan
Nathan and Reagan are each top tier players. They drafted a solid team here but I’m worried about not having enough handlers. Logan and Nathan both own the skies in town but who will be hucking it? Chris Bailey seems to be more of a small ball guy who punishes players with his quickness. Logan has the throws but doesn’t always let them fly. Outside of Danny Greene’s pristine mustache I see a team full of amazing cutters and at best decent handlers. This team will be fun, nice, and a joy to play against but my spells tell me they will end up outside of the playoff picture.

5th Place: Blue – Zach and Michelle
It definitely feels weird ranking a Zach Floyd team this low but I think hosting the league draft at his house left him a little distracted. Michelle is arguably the best FMP in league when Kate isn’t playing. Clyde throwing deep shots to Bhagya will be terrifying but I think the league will figure it out. David Cromer is solid all around and will put in effort every play. Lyle would like to add a chip to his data collection. Elizabeth and Michelle will be a handler duo to watch. Although this team has good players I am told the lack of chemistry will be their shortcoming.

4th Place: Red – Matt and Schimmel
Red is going to be a team that runs a zone much of the season. On offense this team has a plethora of options. Andrew and Andrew can both run with the best of them. Nan has the experience and knowledge to beat any defensive strategy tossed her way. Jared will most likely lead the league in assists. Luke will be the one receiving them. Jenna and Jess are gonna be a ball of happiness every game. Jill is going to replace Emory as the lady with the most skies. I can’t even think about how many blocks KJ will rack up if his ankle is better. Matt Henry will compete with Luke for the most effort given. Vander will continue to grow and excel as an ultimate player and I’ll miss his YouTube videos of league now that he’s playing. This team was drafted masterfully by Schimmel and it has everyone it needs to be successful but a fourth place finish will be the outcome.

3rd Place: Teal – Joe and Billy
Teal looks like a very solid team from top to bottom. Billy is coming off a defensive MVP season. Joe lead the league in turnovers last season with a few nice completions. Ellie, Liz and Rosie are going to be a nightmare for any team. Fletcher is getting healthier and will be pivotal to the team’s success late in the season. Adam, Manny and Vish are going to be great role players that can do it all whenever needed. Sam and Nes are what makes this team look like they shouldn’t lose a regular season game. Without them in the playoffs can they make a championship run or will they fall short without the best duo in league?

2nd Place: Coral – Ben and Bonnie
This team has it all to win another league season. Ben simply knows how to draft a team. I’ve heard he offers a salary to the top players but this hasn’t been confirmed. G, Davis, Jeffrey, Tom, Steven, and Ben are a scary group of guys who are all pretty big and pretty good. Steven and Ben can throw with the best of them and Tom isn’t far behind. I know Bonnie and Alison will be able to hang with the other teams best fmp. This team makes the final game but ends up losing due to the fact they don’t have Jack in their back pocket this season.

1st Place: Brown – Shea and Natalie
Did I pick this team to win it all because of the awesome color choice or because it’s going to be Natalie’s last league season with us? Either way this team is stacked with talented players who can do it all. Max is quite the handler. Cooper arguably has the biggest shoes to fill as the 2nd overall pick. Pat and Trevor have chemistry and are a defensive unit when playing together. Jia and Natalie are going to be so fun to watch play with this team as Jia has top tier throws and Natalie is almost untouchable on the field as a cutter. This team is going to have fun all while pounding the other team, it won’t be fun for any of us.

My predictions are set in stone unless players have been able to hide their talents and trick magic itself. It’s going to be a fun season, see all you muggles next time.

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  1. Silly wizard must’ve never graduated from Hogwarts. The bottom of the table is correct, but I’d move brown to 5th and have Red, Blue, Coral, and Teal as the top 4.

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