A Legend Foretold

Listen here, for what I have is most important ­—

a bulletin from the future, for which your eyes to peer.

Do not be offended, your futures are owned by just none.

If you wish to change, it must be tended.

Now listen here for I tell you the order


At last, we have a team so expansive like the color they don

Surprisingly formidable opponents, but in semis they are gone

Struggle will ensue for this squad yet

With the others’ best talent, they will fret


With seven on the line, a purple bomb is primed and ready

This next team is far from steady

With high highs and low lows

This team will be consumed by the chaos

Of this, I know


With towers well over six feet,

This team is lacking throwers to complete

What is a forest without its tallest trees


This next team has seemingly no constraints

With both competence and confidence

But what are they without their patron saints?

For teal, there will be no riches


For the next, youthful exuberance

And blind courage

A strong wind is in the air

And brown will certainly have a chance

For the rest, Natalie will be a scourge

But only time will tell how this group will fare


Three’s a crowd

And there is not enough room at the top

This lineup is one to be proud

But an excellent draft does not prevent flop

They must corral the troops or they will fail to launch


As the legend foretold, where fire meets ice there is born a beast

To where its allegiances lie, I believe it to be clear

For fire, a wonderful treasure so near

For ice, at last, a satiating feast


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