Crystal balls are voodoo nonsense

Boy, would it be embarrassing if the following predictions end up being worse than the one’s made by someone called frisbee goblin. Truth be told, I don’t think goblin was too far off. Maybe that’s a credit to how balanced league is, maybe there’s some merit to this crystal ball nonsense, either way nobody wants to hear that it’s anybody’s game. The people want to know who’s the worst and who’s the best, and the chance to make people that write predictions appear very dumb at the end of the season.


8. Alex and Devon (Purple)


I’m not entirely sure what leads to a captain getting pied in the face. If it’s the amount of Ls they take in the season, then Devon is going back to back. 0-10 is no small feat in league, 0-16 now that’s one for the record books. Devon has a chance at history here. But first we have to ask, what is a Kadustin? If both Kadustin counterparts play in the same game, this team becomes much more formidable. I’m guessing if that were going to happen often, they wouldn’t have been allowed to be counted as one player. This team will have its moments, but at the end of the day won’t be able to hang with the top end talent thats on the other league teams.


7. Jenny and Anton (Sky Blue)


This is another team that will struggle to match up with a lot of the other teams in the league. The one thing that sets them apart from purple is that they already have built in chemistry. A veritable who’s who of gainesville pick up legends, this team has been playing with each other for years and it will show. They’ll have tons of fun, keep scores close, and ultimately lose a bunch of games.


6. Shea and Nat (Brown)


This team will go as far as Natalie and her fuel compatriots can take them. Natalie is probably the toughest guard for the female matching players and can make this offense click. Couple that with Max and Cooper, and this team has a ton of youth that can run most teams into the ground. But great league teams need some oldheads to keep the team in check. See previous articles about TK this and TK that. This team has Jeff, who won’t be around for long. Maybe Pat can fill that role, maybe he’ll just be distracted by his pup all game. This team will have great games and likely fair share of implosions as well. If they let their ladies feast, they can finish the season way higher than this ranking.


5. Zach and Michelle (Blue)


It’s probably a mistake to put a Zach and Michelle team this low in the rankings. Since coming back to Gainesville there probably hasn’t been a more successful league pairing. Despite poor regular season records, poor attendance, they still managed to find a way to finals last season. The loss in the finals may have been a shift in the winds. Zach will still be one of the hardest workers on the field and Michelle is one of the best female matching players despite the influx of Fuel players. They’ve drafted other throwers to help get the disc in the air for Bhagya to snag, but this isn’t a weak spwinter league and there are plenty of players to match up with him. If plan A to Bhagya doesn’t work, I don’t think plan B will be good enough to get it done.


4. Ben and Bonnie (Coral)


This team is very close to being great, but it looks like they already have attendance issues right out the gate. If Steven is truly 50/50 that makes the team’s approach a little different. Ben is a strong and capable handler, but he can do the most damage but if he’s allowed to move downfield and utilize his height to threaten as a cutter as well. This team may have several A team players, but their reps as handlers are likely few and far between. They’ll have to rely on Falk and Tom to pick up some handling duties and with this league pool full of youth, I’m not sure they can sustain an offense for very long. Bonnie and Alison form a formidable tandem downfield, and Summer has been a strong contributor the past few seasons. When it all comes down to it, this team just wont be able to hang with the next teams on this list.


3. Joe and Billy (Teal)


At first glance, this team should put fear in every other team in league. They have height, speed, throwers and a deep group of ladies that will create mismatches all season long. You really want to ask how this team was even allowed to be drafted in the first place. Then you realize that Sam and Nes are guaranteed to miss the playoffs. Bold strategy Cotton, but this won’t play out well for them. Without the power couple this team starts to look very similar to the Joe and Billy team that did well last season, but ultimately fell short in the semis. They are still deep enough to make a similar run, but I expect a similar fate to happen to them this season. Several of the players on the team can run away with some of the regular season awards, but if you’re not holding up the championship trophy in the end, does any of that really matter?


2. Nathan and Reagan (Green)


If this team utilizes their top players, they very well could be unstoppable. The combo of Nathan and Logan just seems a little unfair. There isn’t a team in league that has the personnel that can match up with them for the entirety of a game. Reagan and Tommy can be midrange workhorses for them and stable resets. They also drafted a few throwers like Bailey that are more than capable of putting the disc up for the twin towers, not to mention either of those towers can also come back for the disc and send it as well. If this team uses the regular season to figure out the right balance in their lines, they will be well suited to make a deep run in the playoffs and may do so in dominant fashion. Depth matters though, and that leads us to.


Matt and Schimmel (Red)


All the league teams have their own set of strengths. This team seems to combine them all into one. Luke will supplant Zach as the hardest working player in league, and he has a speed/gear that Zach simply does not have anymore. Between KJ, Jared, Matt, and Schimmel they will always have a reliable handler back for them. Jill, Jess, and Nan will be able to match up well with any other team. This team has barnful of handlers, top end speed, some height, and above all else, experience top to bottom. If they are locked in and play to their potential, I expect them to stroll into the finals. That is, unless they find themselves in quarters playing a winless Devon led team with a pie to the face on the line.

2 thoughts on “Crystal balls are voodoo nonsense

  1. I like this listing. Only 4 of the top 5 will make semis.
    Summer league is all about attendance. With rain outs and make ups who misses what days will be a factor. The key in any coed game is the ladies ladies ladies.

    It is interesting how the same captain pairs draft a lot of the same players.
    Zach draft speed and people who throw back to him so he can throw goals.
    Ben is about the same.
    This Joe/Billy combo is fun to watch. THey will win one of these leagues.
    my question is:
    who goes third line at the draft. joe billy or fletcher? Missing Sam and Ness will hurt but their high seed from the regular season and few breaks their way just might be enough.

    Summer league will also have some wind from time to time. I think Joe/billy and fletcher are set up well for that.
    Red is set up for wind as well.

    I don’t think green makes finals maybe not even the semis.

    Red will fail just a little short. Probably make semis but one of the other 4 teams will take them out.
    I put green in the same boat.

    In the end you need Captains (Zach or Ben for sure ) who are in it to win it.
    A few key adjustments here and there. Maybe few line calls just at the right time.
    Making sure the right deep deep is in.
    female handlers on offense.
    the willingness to throw some swill to a really good receiver who has the better match up.

    Maybe they will play each other in the semis as both will be there.
    I am not sure if Zach makes finals though.

    Give me a few weeks to see all the teams in actions.

    Does Coral have the female depth?
    Does Red have enough speed? Their ladies could hurt you but can they guard?
    Did Teal do enough in the draft before and after drafting sam and ness?
    Does Zach have enough disc skill. I know he throws a forward pass and runs that 10 to 15 yards forward and have one of his guys throw right back to him but there is some pretty good defense in this league. Zach is no longer a current “A teamer” 🙂

    If Devon goes back to back winless seasons someone send him to a drafting class.
    There are too many captains in it to win it.

    Good luck this summer everyone.

    ps –
    in the end the last few weeks of the season gets rained out.
    no one wins.


    and Relax. I’m Just having a little fun. Calling it has a currently see it.
    I don’t know everyone by name like others do.
    Give me few weeks for the eyeball test.

    Please tell me where I am wrong and or how the two different listings are right or wrong.

    what do you think??

    1. I agree with SJ on the potential issues with Coral’s ladies and Red’s defense. With Logan missing playoffs Green doesn’t stand a chance. IF Brown get’s consistent play out of Max I think they can make a deep playoff run and win it all, but relying on Max was probably a mistake by Brown’s captains Shea and Natalie. If I were a betting man I’d put my money on Zach to win it but maybe throw a few bucks on Brown and Red, but luckily I am not and will save that money for a beer.

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