Gazing into a crystal ball

Hey everyone! It’s me, the frisbee goblin here with some way-too-early predictions for the 2023 summer league season. Summer season is always a fun time; who knows if you’ll be playing in 95 degree weather or a torrential downpour? I’ve taken a look into my crystal ball and it’s told me exactly how this season will play out. It took into account everything. What team will have good attendance? What team will crumble in the inevitable summer rainstorms? With no Jim Davis, the teams seem incredibly balanced, so who will win it all?

8) Skyblue – Jenny & Anton

Unfortunately, someone has to be ranked the worst team in this article. Although Jenny and Anton got some really good top picks in Aaron Colverson and Thomas Chase, their roster lacks cutting and defense. They are definitely one of the better handling teams in the league with great throwers in Aaron, Chris, Evan, and Trieu. Even though my crystal ball has told me this team will finish last in the season, it also said that this team would unanimously be the most spirited and fun team to play against, so that is always a plus.

7) Purple – Alex & Devon

Devon came off a really unfortunate wintring season, going 0-10, but ending up finishing 5th overall with some clutch play in the playoffs. He did get pied at the end of the season, so no doubt he will come in to this season with the gust of a thousand winds. Although the purple team did get the most unique player in the league in Kadustin Travaglini, they will have a better season than last, but still fall short. I think if this team clicks well, they could definitely be a top team as they have a really balanced team of cutters, handlers, and good height, but the real question on everyone’s mind is will Devon get pied again or will he be doing the pie-ing?

6) Brown – Shea & Nat

Now, this is probably one of the most interesting rosters in the league. With 2 of the top throwers in the league in Cooper and Max, the sky is the limit for this team. I really don’t think there are any weaknesses in their roster, besides one thing. I think they will be the fun team of the league. Obviously, nothing wrong with that, but I think it will lead to some universe point losses in games they should’ve won. My crystal ball did tell me not to run a zone against this team, as they have far too many competent handlers for it to work on them.

5) Green – Nathan & Reagan

From here, things get tricky, as the top 5 teams all look extremely balanced with talented players. Nathan has proved to be a nightmare for many defensive matchups and Reagan has become an elite lady in this league with well-timed cuts and reliable throws. This team managed to get an absolute steal in the 1st round, snagging Logan Diehl, who is a stud of a player. To me, this team looks really top-heavy, with an elite upper half of players, but the lower half might struggle. This is the team I’m the least familiar with, so I could be way off. Either way, with Nathan and Logan on the same team, you better poach the deep space or play way over the top or these 2 dudes will make you look silly.

4) Teal – Joe & Billy

Joe and Billy have proved to be an elite duo in this league, leading the league in scores, assists, and D’s respectively. They picked up some familiar names including their other handler from last season, Justin Fletcher. This team definitely got a few steals in the draft, picking up Sam and Nes in the 4th round. But my crystal ball has told me that they will be in Europe during the finals, so this is likely a team that will have great regular season success, but struggle in the playoffs. Last season, Joe & Billy’s team struggled with their ladies, and they certainly got improvements on that side. And with Joe getting his favorite color (Go Jags), this might unlock a different beast in him, so expect him to go crazy this season.

3) Blue – Zach & Michelle

Zach & Michelle always have a top team, and I don’t think this season will be any different. Zach definitely has the highest frisbee IQ in the league, and this is why his team always strives to be so successful. This is another team that has amazing handlers in Clyde, Zach, and Tyler. Pair that with one of the best cutters in the league in Bhagya and this will be a scary team. Will Zach be lost without his partner in crime, Plant, for this season or is this someone who can be easily replaced? Only time will tell, but this is a team that has the ability to win it all if things go their way.

2) Red – Matt & Schimmel

2 new captains on the block this season! This team truly has all the weapons. With the 1st overall pick, they chose Luke and I think that was a great pick, as Luke will likely be one of the A-team players who tries the hardest and takes this the most seriously. Pair that with loads of experience and great throwing in Jared, I tremble at the idea of playing this team. They also have elite female-matching players. Their only downside is having 2 people with the same name; this will definitely lead to confusion and bamboozlement on the field, as they won’t know which Andrew to throw to. But seriously, watch out for this team. They have older players with experience, younger players with athleticism, and their greatest superpower: unmatched effort.

1 ) Coral – Bonnie & Ben

No surprises on this one. Ben and Bonnie just came off a stellar season, winning it all in the wintring season. And looking at their roster, they might be even better this season. They managed to snag 3 A-team players in Garrison, Davis, and Jeffrey. They also managed to get 2 great throwers in Tom and Steven. Ben clearly did his homework this draft, and was able to get the most well-rounded team of the draft. The one question for this team: attendance. Steven has already informed us that his attendance will be 50/50 and how seriously will the A-team guys take this? Will they actually show up and want to win? Or will they just use this as practice for the upcoming UF season? Bonnie will likely have to carry a heavy load for the ladies on this team, but she showed last season that this shouldn’t be an issue for her. Regardless of what happens during the season, this team definitely has the best hair in the league, assuming Davis and Jeffrey are still rocking their mullets.

So that’s it! Maybe if I get everything right, I’ll reveal myself one day, but those of you who know who I am know there’s only one true goblin in the league. Most likely, these predictions will be way off and I just spent 30 minutes of my work day writing for no reason. But hey, getting paid to write this is better than getting paid to do actual work. I’m really really excited for the season as I think the league is doing a better job at making teams balanced. I’ll see all of you goobers out on the field next week, or maybe I won’t, because I’ll be lurking in the shadows.

One thought on “Gazing into a crystal ball

  1. No shot Brown finishes in the bottom half of the league. Natalie is by far the best lady this season and is going to dominate the deep space with the likes of Max and Cooper throwing to her. Add Trevor to the mix and this team is going to be too much of an offensive powerhouse to lose many games and will be pretty spicy on defense. AND they’ll have fun while winning games.

    I’d have the standings: 1 – Matt & Schimmel, 2 – Shea & Nat, 3 – Ben & Bonnie, 4 – Joe & Billy, 5 – Zach & Michelle, 6 – Nathan & Regan, 7 – Devon & Alex, 8 – Jenny & Anton. We’ll see how the season plays out.

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