Murder hornets clinch the 1! seed!

Sorry for the late report. It’s been a busy week. Also, this is on my phone, so don’t get your expectations up too much for this one.

Game one was a rematch against the dragonflies. They were less depleted than last time we played them but still weren’t quite a full squad, with Matt Henry out at a boring, frisbeeless wedding, KJ convalescing and Devon remembering a prior engagement midway through the game. We were also a bit short staffed and I learned from Mohammad that Ramadan means no water. Fortunately, he gutted out this game and we ended up winning by a few points after a mostly close matchup. This was enough to clinch the (co) one seed for the tournament!

Next up, we met the cutter flies. We stayed close at the beginning, but mo finally succumbed to the heat and we ended up getting run over. I remember very little from this game except a nice hand mack from Emory and I was also impressed by the consistency of Zach’s big b team squad.

Alright. I need to get ready.

See you in an hour for the tournament!

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