Pre-Season Predictions

Another league season is upon us. Hopefully, this season brings less rain and generally more pleasant weather, but time will tell. Let’s get right into analyzing these teams starting with the worst and moving to the absolute best of the best.

8) Alek & Aidan

Shoutout to Alek & Aidan for stepping up to captain last minute, but unfortunately, they won’t have the best season. Dustin and Kate as pair is absolutely deadly, but we’re all wondering what their attendance will look like this season. In games they’re both there (and on time), this team could be a force, but I think they will suffer from absences. Beyond KaDustin, I just don’t think this team has the firepower to match up with other teams. Danny was a steal late, but is his lingering injury going to improve?

7) Jaylynne & Devon

Besides their placement, what everyone is really wondering is if Devon will managed to get pie-d once again this season. Putting a team with Billy 7th place feels wrong, but I don’t think they’ll be able to match up with a lot of other teams. They definitely have a very strong core of cutters with Devon and Harin, but they will ultimately fall short. Their only saving grace is drafting the one-and-only Steven Johnson late in the draft. He will be their guide to greatness. It’s their decision if they choose to follow.

6) Nathan & Chris

This is a very interesting assembled roster that I really am not sure about. On one hand, this a tremendous defensive team with Nathan, Chris, Ricardo. They also have very solid ladies. They have all the pieces to be a great team except for one thing. An irresponsible deep thrower. I say that as mostly a joke, but I do think this team lacks great handlers and they will struggle in the deep space. In this league, a lot of scores come from hucks and I just don’t feel this team has that. Nathan will continue to have the cutest hair and sauciest layouts in the whole league, regardless of what else happens.

5) Shea & Jia

This is where things get really tough. I think the top 5 could go any way, but I’m gonna throw Shea & Jia in the 5th slot. In closely examining their roster, I really don’t see many weaknesses. I’ve just got an odd feeling that they won’t perform up to their standards. Surely, with handlers like Steven and Max paired with cutters like Dave, Austin, Jia, and Jenny should be a recipe for success, but I just don’t think it’ll happen. The only real weakness I see is their defense, but I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a top team next season.

4) Joe & Billy

I only see 2 real possibilities with this team. Either they thrive or crash and burn and I don’t think there’s much of an in-between. A cutting line of Billy, Plant, and Ellie makes for a lethal combo and pairing that with smart, patient handlers in Oster and Evan to balance Joe’s reckless (but generally great) hucks. This team also probably has the best group of ladies out of any team with Frank, Ellie, Kay, and Larissa. I think their secret to success is using their women to work it up the field. Either way, with Will and Evan present, this will definitely be the funnest team of the season and will not lack tasty adult beverages on the sideline.

3) Zach & Michelle

In looking at this roster, I REALLY want to rank this team lower. Obviously, this team has the best handler set in the league, with Jared, Zach, Eric, and Pat all savvy, experienced throwers. They will be able to put the disc wherever they want on the field and this is obviously not the issue I see with them. I just think all their top players are handlers. The secret to beating them will likely be stopping the deep threats of Liz and Emory. I’m sure with KJ and Jared on the team, this team will master the zone and wreak havoc on offenses all season, which is why I inevitably think they’ll be great. If anyone wants scouting for this team, do not run a zone or they will move the disc right through it with ease.

2) Matt & Ben C.

Now this is a super complete team from top to bottom. They have the experience of Ben and TK in the handler set paired with great cutters in Luke and Carsten. Ben even upped his game on the female-matching side, drafting a solid set of girls with Reagan and Lucia leading the charge. But as always, there is one team in every league that tries a lot harder to win than the rest. And this is that team. Matt and Luke are absolute grinders on offense and this is a team that will wear you down by constantly making 5-yard throws. They certainly have the experience and athleticism to win the whole league.

1) Jeff & Ben B.

I think this is the team to beat when looking  at rosters. I have no idea how Jeff managed to get Bhagya and Jack on the same team (Seriously, if you haven’t played with Jack, he is a beast. I don’t know how he fell to 2nd round). I shake in fear as I think of the mismatches these 2 trees will cause on the field. And after these 2, their roster is still incredibly good. Drew, Andrew, Jeff, Josh Barker are all extremely solid picks and they should have no problem working it up the field. This team may lack handlers, but I really don’t think it’ll cause issues as they should be able to dominate any other team upfield. They also have a super solid set of girls in Quinn, Jenny, Jemima, and Ani. Plus, Jeff Rose is commissioner, so if he says they win, we simply can’t argue with that.

So that’s about it. Hopefully, if I’m lucky, I can get 0 out of 8 correctly. That would be a truly impressive feat and is something I hope to do. I really think this is one of the more balanced leagues I’ve seen in recent years since we have a TON of great players in the league. I don’t think there will be any win-less teams and I don’t think there will be any loss-less teams, which should make for a great league. I’ll see you all out on the field! Cringle McDingleberry out.

One thought on “Pre-Season Predictions

  1. Friday Notes: Catch all season overview

    I reserve the right for my rankings until after sunday
    .Jaylynne & Devon team took the round robin off. Who needs a preseason??!! ( I am on this team)
    I agree with: “a very balanced league.”
    Depth is going to be factor this season for sure!!
    I love the 11/19 finals day.
    Goal of regular season is NOT to be seed 7th or 8th. 3, 4, 5, 6 are all basically the same number and we will see if there is a big drop from the 1st and/or 2nd place regular season teams. 1 – 6 might basically be the same number. there will be difference from 1/2 and 7/8th. there are reasons teams are those numbers.
    Many teams will be much weaker the week of USA U regionals.
    How many students will already be gone the on 11/19? that is the starting Sunday of thanksgiving break.
    Hate the 2pm start time. ugh.. should at least be 1pm so we can finish by 4.

    I always struggle with what color to wear under my penny style jersey. Most people will not wear them anyways but It is hard to decide what undershirt. White ? Dark? and no under shirt is not an option. ( I did cut mine. It was way to long and that seemed to help a lot)

    There looks to be a very high level of FMP in this league.
    You are probably NOT going to win league without one of the top 4ish of a FMP.
    It might come down to who has the best 2nd line FMP.

    two rules..

    you can only be as good as your best FMP and you are only as good as your weakest link.

    We need names by the end of the first week!! no colors to work off of. Devon? Jaylynne? come in heavy. or just name us!! don’t be scared. be first..

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