Orange Crush Advances to the Semis

The future of Purple, aka Orange Crush, was looking dim after winning only two regular season games and logging an impressive point differential of -32. BUT, the frisbee gods (and Orange Crush) had a strong desire to prove all of the haters wrong, destroy everyone’s pick-ems AND most importantly, win this quarterfinals in honor of Leah Rose Mills who was born only a few short hours after our victory. Seriously, congratulations Mills! And please never again apologize for missing league for you know, the birth of your child……

Now, onto the game:

This game started about as poorly as any ultimate game can begin. The weather was not on anyone’s side and we were drenched, and down 0-4. But, the tides soon shifted for Orange Crush and we were able to battle back, allowing Teal to take half with only a 2 point lead. This impressive feat can be attributed to the clearing of the weather, the arrival of the great Kadustin Travaglini, Brad’s resurged ability to run fast and catch scores, and my decision to stop throwing crappy passes.

But Orange Crush was really able to find their momentum in the second half, and scored three breaks in a row, bringing the game to an exhilarating 12-12. Devon was grinding on defense, securing 3 Ds, and Ricardo was right on his tail, logging 2 for-sure Ds and one that was sent back because Billy maybeeeee caught the disc a millisecond before it hit the ground, but I’ll give Ricardo a 1/2 D anyways. Ben and Andre also provided a lot of relief for the Orange Crush offense by playing super consistent offense and always finding that critical reset throw.

The end of the game was significantly less exciting. Neither team secured another break, but Orange Crush had already done enough. On Universe Point, Orange Crush went back on O and we were able to pull out the win.

Now, onto the shoutouts for the game:

My spirit awards for the game were gifted to Ellie (who played nearly every point, potentially every point, for Teal and raked in an impressive number of Ds and scores) and Vish (who played every point with a smile on his face and threw us off with his impressive fakes).

For Purple, I have to give a special shoutout to Harin who rounded out the game with three assists and two scores. Brad also reeled in an impressive five scores. But the MVP of the game is awarded to Ricardo, who had three assists, two scores, two and a half Ds, and played absolute shut-down defense on Billy while also covering the over-the-top spaces to help with our height mismatches in the FMP department.

To Teal: Thank you for an incredible game with high-spirit and lots of extra water breaks

To Purple: Way to absolutely grind my friends! The most important thing is to have fun along the way, but it sure was great to win and prove all of the haters wrong. See all you huckers in the semis. It’s time to win the whole thing <3

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