The New Age of GNV Ulty’s Female Matching Players.

Hi frisbee friends!

The inability to actively participate this season has been hella frustrating for me, but I’m determined to show my support and be a part of the experience by joining everyone on the sidelines regularly. To add an extra layer of excitement for myself, I’ve decided to pick a team to cheer for. Although it might have seemed like I was already cheerleading for a team when I propped my now bionic leg on the sidelines of Pop Quiz, I’m officially declaring my allegiance to “Team FMP”! I’ll be out there enthusiastically supporting our amazing female matching players every week.

From what I saw from Pop Quiz, Scoober Snacks, and Horror Flicks, this is the season where the consistent use of FMP’s on the field is going to be the teams strength. Even Skool mentioned that “There looks to be a very high level of FMP in this league. You are probably NOT going to win league without one of the top 4ish of a FMP” – a quote that I got from the preseason comments section.  He isn’t wrong there, and I am so hype to see this progress throughout the season and see how FMP’s dominate!

So, some key takeaways:

Jia can handle her own in the Scoober Snacks line up (she handles, get it? Hehe). She is consistent and precise and has amazing field awareness.  Jiggin’s is F.A.S.T. and whether it’s chasing down the disc to her endzone or sprinting to intercept hucks in the oppositions endzone, she’s your gal. Delena maybe a rookie, but she had no issues catching and dumping the disc, the scary part in this horror themed season, is that she’s only going to get better!

While you can’t learn height, you can work on calm and composure of catching a disc in the endzone which both Emory and Liz showed they weren’t lacking.  Pop Quiz’s Emory was consistently there to snatch the blistering hammers incoming from Jared and Liz is having no trouble catching the disc in the endzone from Pat and Nic. While half the height of Liz and Emory, Emily has just as much composure, and boy this gal can hold a mark!

Kaylen and Ellie were prepped and ready to play every point for the Horror Flicks, these FMP’s are the definition of peak frisbee shape right now, with both heading to Regionals this coming weekend with Florida’s Best Womxn’s team; Tabby Rosa! Ellie is a scoring machine and Kaylen can thread the needle and can throw around or even through any mark placed upon her.

As the weeks go on, I will be getting stronger in my walking ability so I will be able to float more and support as many FMP’s as possible, but in the meantime, here are some of the highlights that other players and captains have highlighted about GNV leagues FMP’s.

Quotes from the Field (not Billy Field, but the actual physical field):

Ben Chapin- “Bonnie played well, caught a blade score at the back of the endzone.”

Drew Hiatt- “Ani did a great job handling and working the disc against their zone defense but also was able to crush in our cup defense! She did such a great job in the cup that Ben had to call a time out due to frustration.”

Rosie Murray- “Jenna played really well; she had several scores!”

Alison Leung- “Kate is amazing, I was happy to hold my own against her.”

Bonnie Topliker- “Lucia had so many D’s, so many. At least 4 and some were run through D’s, and she just held a tight mark. Oh, wait and she had 3 scores! Reagan played really well too.”

Nathan Schaller- “Danae scored two points against the Horror Flicks which was one of many highlights for our FMP’s. Alison was pop lock and rockin’ in the middle, Omie grabbed so many discs from out of the air, and Ava was a snake in the grass in our endzone getting a fun score for us!”

Top three FMP players of week one and who y’all should be paying attention to:

  1. Jenny Nguy: at 5ft 5in, Jiggins shut out and denied both 6ft+ Emory and Liz from scoring by running down and boxing out Pop Quizz’s huck to score attempts. Threw a gorgeous OI to Austin into the endzone, but was unfortunately called out.
  2. Lucia Summerford: This FMP is a junior in high school, junior!! And she is making her mark in the GNV ultimate community! She helped Frisboo’s to two victories this week with run through D’s, and hard tight marks as well as cementing her name on the score board! This gal is doing it all and she’s only just starting her frisbee career!
  3. Kaylen Chang: Solid reset handler, can move the disc off the line, can thread the needle through the mark (even the wing spans of KJ, Jared, and Zach couldn’t stop her), has impeccable swings, always available for the dump, and can run downfield for the score. Beast mode.

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