Week 1: Frisboos take on David S. Huckins and Devon and Jaylynne’s TBA team

With our opening week of league, the first order of business was picking a name. Despite a passionate speech from TK insisting that we call ourselves the Frisboobies, we ultimately shortened it to the Frisboos. Just in time, we had a name to cheer and 7 on the line to play Devon and Jaylynne’s TBA. We had pretty good turn out; although we were missing Luke and Alexander Thompson from the guys and Dre and Jacqueline from the girls, we got Bonnie for the last week before she is too pregnant to layout. TBA were notably missing Devon and Naomi which hurt them a lot. The game started with a score from TBA when Billy had a run through D on me in the first point. But, from there, we found our stride and scored the next 6 straight to go to half. Despite some good handle motion, TBA had trouble making big gains up field and struggled with drops and we capitalized consistently. The second half was more of the same and we ended up winning 10 to 2 on hard cap.

Game 2 was against Jeff and Ben’s David S. Huckins. They came out strong with their first line of Baghya, Jack, Josh, Drew, Jeff, Ani and Quinn and scored. Then they broke us and we were down 2 – 0. On the next point, they ran a zone and we were struggling. We were gradually working the disc further and further back on the home sideline and, after catching another dump and looking up to see my entire team was in the same 3rd of the field, I called a timeout. After some discussion of whether it’s best to spread a zone out or have everyone clump around the disc, we decided to give a traditional spread out zone offense a try. Disc in and a few swings later we broke through the zone and got the disc up the field for our first score. The next point was a break and we were tied. We exchanged points to hit 3-3 before scoring the next 4 and ultimately going on a 6-1 run to finish the game 9-4.

I’m having trouble remembering what all everyone did and when, but a few things stood out for our team this first week. First, the disc (and stats) got spread about as well as I’ve seen. Decision making was good and turnovers were rare. Defense made it really tough on other teams to work it up the field with Carsten, Matt, Jacob and Reagan shutting down strong players and Lucia defensive MVP with 4 D’s. TK ended up with 3 D’s as well thanks to his knack for being at just the right place at the right time. Vander had some great scores, one where he outran/out read his defender and two where he snuck behind a very good defender and caught a score in the back of the endzone. Bonnie caught some of my sloppy upside-downs and a nice blade score. Tom, Lyle and TK all had some memorable hucks and scores as well. Overall, it was a strong first showing for the Frisboos. Expect more of the same against a regionals-depleted Pop Quiz in week 2.

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