The BumbleDeez have their buzz killed

This was a game we came into really excited for. After our first week, we had a heartbreaking universe point loss to the murder hornets and the BumbleDeez felt like they’d improved so much since that first tragic loss. Unfortunately, despite some hard play, the result of this game was no different than that first game.

After winning the flip at the start of the game 7 times in a row, I unfortunately ended my hot streak and am now on a losing streak of 2. So the hornets elected to start with the disc and made quick work moving it up the field and scoring on us. If anyone has seen the scouting report on the BumbleDeez, you know we’re a team that loves to huck it. And for whatever reason, today was just not our day for hucking it. We were throwing hucks too far, too short, out of bounds, everything imaginable besides hitting out targets. The Hornets ended up taking half 8-5 and despite the BumbleDeez getting a few breaks in the second half, the hornets won 15-11. We felt we were indestructible with Luna (our team mascot) cheering (or barking) us on and having the birthday boy Pat in attendance, but even all of this wasn’t enough to overcome me losing the flip to start the game.

Despite the loss, we had some great moments on our team. Fletcher is clearly starting to feel good again and the knee is healing as he is becoming a really strong defender on our team. He had 2 D’s and 2 assists on the game. And warning: there is a proud boyfriend moment coming here. But Taylor went crazy this week, getting 2 scores and a D for the game. Taylor is clearly getting a lot more comfortable cutting and I’m so happy that I was able to assist both her scores. But our MVP for the day was Ellie. Although she only had one score and one D, the stats simply don’t tell the whole story. I can recall so many occasions on stall 8 or 9 where Ellie made a really strong cut and bailed out the handler. She also was confident in playing handler on lines when we didn’t have our best throwers out there. Ellie also was consistently taking the hardest matchup on D and really putting the pressure on the hornets all game.

I do want to give a big shoutout to Emory for this game. We tried EVERYTHING to try to stop her in the deep space, and no matter what we did, she was still able to score whenever she wanted. We tried throwing a zone, man D, and poaching over the top, but the combination of Emory’s height and amazing receiving skills and experienced throwing on the hornets was too much for us.

This was a really competitive game throughout, and I’m really happy with how we played, despite the loss. We are hoping to get one more chance at playing the hornets again in the playoffs because statistically speaking, the BumbleDeez have never lost 3 games against the same team and we don’t expect that to change.

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