Butterfree uses Stun Spore against Caterpie, Caterpie dodges on universe!

 The weather is warming up and the spring flowers are popping up all over the fields of Citizens giving the Cutterflies the perfect environment to float and thrive, and that they did! Unfortunately for them, the Very Huckery Catty’s were hungry, also loving the spring weather, and were ready to eat up the grass, “Nom, NOM, NOOOOOOM!”

              Just kidding! The Cattys were very much not ready to eat up any grass any time soon with only 6 of us on the line at 2pm, with the rest “inching” in one by one over the course of the next 20 minutes. At 2:05, points were being assessed as Allison began to get ready on the sideline. Alas, she realized she left her cleats in the car. But then to the south, hope blazed forth once again! While Allison ran back to her car, beyond the horizon we saw the formidable force of Jiggins and Steven rocking on up! I yelled to Jiggins that we needed her now and she ran to the line as she changed jerseys to bring us up to 7 on the field. That was the best call, since we broke the Cutterflies on first point!

After a point or two, we broke the Cutterflies again. This gave our handlers a false sense of security, and TK’s refined taste for a high completion record bugged out for a second during a long point where he goosed 3 deep hucks trying to hit Zach Schiro and Andrew Pohl, who were making some amazing deep cuts, but the disc never did quite reach their open arms. After that shambles of a point, we composed ourselves and started playing as a unit again and held points with Cutterflies all the way to universe! In the mix of those points, my Huck Hungry Co-Captain Nathan threw an up-line flick out of bounds (sad), which was later redeemed by an amazing up line backhand to a formidable Jake Murley who saw the opportunity, cut deep and left his defender in the dust, which made Nathan “very happy” (direct quote).

Rapid fire game events: A defensive play from Jiggins on Laura in the end zone turned into a quick discussion of about USAU rules on where the disc should be taken after a foul in the endzone (teachable moments folks), which finished rather anticlimactically as a calm and collected score from super sub Michelle to Nes (could it have ended any other way?). Spencer and Jake have been dominating the rails, making deep cuts and coming under at the right times. Allison played a pivotal role in the middle making awesome cuts and dishing discs back to the handlers.  This week our score sheet was dominated by Nathan and Andrew having 6 and 5 scores respectively, both catching lasers and hammers from one of league’s top Assisters Steven (second to only Joe McFlurry and his 50/50 completion rate). Steven has his eyes on the end zone at all times looking for that space and reading everyone perfectly! While Steven is taking calculated risks with his assists and dominating the stat sheet; Brad, Coach, and TK are holding their own and playing crisp high pass completion rate Frisbee with great swings, dumps, and patiently waiting for their cutters to cut. Great moments from Zach, Plant, and Bailey from the Cutterflies were outshone by Riley who just kept getting open for the disc and tearing our defense apart!

Going to universe is always stressful, and the Cutterflies truly brought it this week, leaving us Cattys a little nervous at the end there. But, a great(ish?) upline throw from Nathan to Steven followed by a clean OI to Andrew netted us the game winner to finish a truly great game. All us toasty bugs floated and crawled off the fields, ready for two weeks of nomming on leaves and nectar before returning re-energized to play this crazy sport once again.


P.S. I asked my co-captain to add in the bug puns because man, this guy is genius with them. So please enjoy them as much as I do 🙂

P.S.S Frisbee in the sun is fun, but don’t forget to hydrate and wear sunscreen in 2 weeks <3

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