Dump Beetles vs. Dragonflies – Holy heck what a game

This was one for the ages y’all! I’m late in typing this up, but hopefully enough of this still remains in my brain to give a good accounting of what was probably the most fun and epic game of our season so far.

Dump Beetles came out swinging and went up 2-0. Then the Dragonflies were all, “Nah, dude, it ain’t like that” and just started coming PROVOCATIVE! I think they went on like a 5 or 6 point run on us and they wound up taking half 8-4 (if memory serves). I called a timeout early on and tried to hype our team up, because it just seemed like the Dragonflies were on that high-flying ill ish, and we were draggin’ like a bunch of slugs, ya dig? Anyhoo, the Dump Beetles really stepped it up, but we couldn’t seem to close much of the gap (although I was hyped with how the Dump Beetles started bringin’ the fyah).

It was at this point that I realized I needed to start hyping up the squad, so I started screaming “WOOOOOOOOOO!” like Ric Flair on every pull, and EVERYTHING changed. We were back IN IT! We closed the gap in scores and were trading points back and forth until universe.

The Dump Beetles managed to emerge victorious, but it was truly anyone’s game. The details of who did what are a little fuzzy (aside from Alek showing up for the last 3 points to steal the glory and catch the final hammer score), but this was an incredibly spirited, athletic, and just all-around fun game to play. I seriously live for these types of battles, and, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. I’d rather lose a game on universe, than win a blowout. Super proud of both teams and all the players that were involved in this one.

Thanks for an incredible game Dragonflies, and we’ll see you on playoff day!


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