Bees ‘scream’ as they are killed by Murder Hornets, study says

I couldn’t say it better than the New York Post

This was a big rematch after we won a great competitive game that went to universe featuring nearly full squads on both sides, with Dave Klinges out for Bumble Deez, presumably doing something with frogs.

Compared to the last time, we were missing Mohammed, Brandon, Lyle and, most notably, the undefeated Jim Davis. Fortunately, though, Dr. Anton had finally digested his big brunch and hadn’t lined up a date so he was ready for action. The Bumble Deez gained Dave but lost Trevor as well as their youths, Ace and Gage.

So, it’s been over a week and I typically only remember plays that I’m involved in, so bear with me. I think we came out and scored first then traded points before getting a few breaks to take the half 8 to 5. We got up 4 in the second half, just like our last matchup. This time, instead of letting the Bumble Deez go on a 4 to 0 run, we traded points and finished 15 to 11.

Overall, I thought this was the best we’ve played this season.

Our women were awesome. We matched up 3 women to 5 and there was some concern about legs with Bumble Deez going 3 -4 on the line. These turned out to be some of our best points as our women were able to isolate downfield. My two favorite things in frisbee are throwing hucks to tall people and breaks to wide open people, and our women were there for these all game. I can remember at least one sky for Bonnie and a bunch for Emory. Bumble Deez tried zones, switches, poaches, flat marks to try to slow our downfield play through the ladies and none of it worked. Girls were also great on D. Smart coverage caused the Bumble Deez to turn on missed hucking windows. Summer came up with a hand mack!

Team defense was also good; the team was committed to holding a force and limiting upline completions. We got Bumble Deez to throw some difficult/high stall throws and generated a lot of D’s. Finally, we had the best decision making of any game this season. Turnovers were rare and due to Bumble Deez’s athletic defenders as opposed to throwaways.

Some shoutouts: Matthew had a difficult diving catch and a nice around D. Trieu threw some dime hucks. Tommy got up! Howard had a big huck D. Andrew recovered a tipped disc that should have been a turn. Carsten had bookends, again.

Before the game, Jack told me he was going to take it easy. Then, Billy caught a few scores on him as we traded points early and he said he was going to up the effort to “practice” level. I guess that was enough because he didn’t get beaten again. I’m hoping he keeps his priorities straight and shows up for the tournament.

My favorite: On occasion, I look downfield and verbally encourage my teammates to make a cut. Once again, Dr. Anton actually answered, making a nice catch over defense in the back of the endzone on a long run.

On the Bumble Deez side, they played hard defense and I particularly remember some big D’s from Billy and Fletcher. Billy caught a lot deep and Fletcher and Joe got off some nice hucks. Ellie was a workhorse on offense and had some points where it seemed like every other throw was to her up the sideline.

Once again, I thought this game had a good balance of spirit and competition. Still buzzing about it…

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