Power Rankings 08/15/23

Power Ranking 08/15/23

Power rankings is at a cross roads and doesn’t know what to do?

There is just no evidence that these current ranking will reflect on the post season at all.

Attendance has been terrible for many teams.  I think there is even going to be forfeit this week.

Power Rankings didn’t realize that Weenie Huck had only one defeat(they caught Pop Quiz on a good day for them) and this last Sunday they had a scheduled game against Frisboos at 2pm but that didn’t go very well.   They got handled pretty good.  At 302pm Weenie Huck threw in the towel.   It was a wasted round.  More time in captain talks then game time.  Weenie Huck got broken and didn’t have enough willing players to start the 8th point 60 minutes into game time after the most recent 15 minute delay.   Frisboos wins.  Keeps the undefeated season alive.  

Poor Deven.     Devon and Matt did a good job though.

Unfortunately power ranking is aware of what College City Classic(CCC) in Athens is going to do to our current scheduled post season tournament.   

It is going to give some teams a chance at a sneaky little run.

 A March Madness NCAA “deep run into the tournament” type day. 

Joe and Billy (Horror Flicks) and Nathan and Chris (Best Friends) are two teams that come to mind.


Frisboos wins.   Frisboos aces the Pop Quiz in the final.    Too bad these two teams will not meet in the semis.  That would have been interesting.

No update next week.   Power ranking will be missing 08/21/23.

If anyone would like to rank the teams after next week – PLEASE DO –

Have a little fun——-

Secret League Cheat Code:  You didn’t see it here:

 If you play Fantastic Fourhands  –  you should consider guarding Katelyn deep. 


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