11/5: Frisboos Gets Jump-Scared by Horror Flicks, Apparently Not in Best Friends’ Clique

A tough all-around week for the Frisboos, with many friends out with illness/other fun hobbies and Jacob going down early in the first game with a bad elbow.shoulder injury; wishing you the best, man, and hope you heal up fully and quickly!

Game 1 was otherwise a fun matchup against the Horror Flicks, who staged a massive comeback in the second half from 4 down at half to tie it and then keep the game close until beating us on universe; shoutouts to Plant for playing through a hand injury from Sarasota Sunset and Will for that clutch D down the stretch. For the Boos, major kudos to Drea and Reagan for playing savage all game/day against their incredible ladies lineup of Frank, Kaylen, and Ellie (looking forward to having you back soon, Larissa!), Reagan again for that nasty deep chasedown catch, Ben for catching my incredibly low laser in the endzone (in my defense, I try to keep throws to him low to the ground like he is, and they apparently cut the grass last week), and TK for throwing many assists to many friends.

Game 2 was a bit of a rough matchup with the Best Friends, who overcame playing savage to hand us a sound loss; I found out the fun way that Ben Debroff can bang it, but on the positive side Bailey and I didn’t cleat the $&*% out of each other this time around (just kind of got teasingly close on a couple plays; I’ll get his number next time). Shoutouts to TK and Vander for staying later than they planned when we nearly mounted a second-half comeback (and playing excellent on both ends, with a couple sick deep catches from Vander), Reagan and Drea again for balling out while savage for the second game in a row, Lyle and Tom for fun throws to fun friends, and Jacob for hanging around to keep us level and positive even when our energy was faltering. Nathan’s height is offensive to me and my ancestors.


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