10/22: Frisboos Guesses Right on Pop Quiz, Ends Early vs Fourhands

Never too late to start a pre-Halloween league writeup, not even when it’s two weeks later and 40 minutes before kickoff for our next set of games (or another week later when I actually finished and submitted this thing, 3 games later).

Game 1 on 10/22 was against a solid Pop Quiz squad missing a few friends including Nic Bainter; Michelle played through injury. For most of the game, with one lady, we played half of the points with 6 people until our resident superheroine Drea flew in to save the day in the fourth quarter, wearing her cape and throwing bangers all over the place. The game was fairly close until we managed a couple of breaks to end the first half, with Jacob making some absolutely incredible defensive exclusively excellent offensive plays down the stretch, including a crucial bookends (he’s an O-line player but apparently has been dressing up as a D-line player all season for Halloween). Pop Quiz battled through a fairly bad call from yours truly on Pat and many a frustrating throw-away to mount a comeback at the end, but painfully slow/patient offense ultimately allowed us to pull through 9-7 against their zone. Major shout-out to Pat for accepting my apology and keeping a level head (and having a super cute white German Shepherd) and to both Emory/Liz for some solid dunks on us. For the Boos, kudos to Reagan for playing most of the game savage (seriously all, she’s such a baller), Ben/Carsten/Tom/TK for some fantastically spOOky throws and movement, and Jacob for playing absolutely terrible (and I mean TERRIBLE) defense; real talk, he and Reagan were MVPs on both ends of the disc this game.


Game 2:

Big-time shoutout to Fantastic Fourhands for playing through heat and humidity with only 8 friends (their guys were savage, but in the meantime Summer, Kate, Caroline and Poki balled out; Summer especially had some crazy hustle plays on both ends of the disc and was probably on the ground as much as on her feet). More shout-outs to our team: Tom for throwing his first-ever pull (almost made it 10 feet! But stayed inbounds, Ben), Reagan and Dre for playing sick D while savage, Vander for getting buckets (except when I throw to him, apparently), and, of course, to Jacob for only playing offense and busting out the Interrupting Ghost knock knock jok- BOO!!!


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