Horror Flicks clinch a spot in the playoffs!

There we are, a gloomy, yet peaceful fall day. All the eye could see was a sky fullĀ  of grey. But then a wild dazed Billy would stroll up to the fields to see a simmering, beautiful Joe in his natural habitat. His natural gleam lit up the sky, and what was once a sad, grey sky became a beautiful, enthralling painting of color. I knew Joe was ready to play our final season game against the Fantastic Fourhands.

This game, we were only expecting to have 7 people, and at 2:00, we only had 6. Slowly (very slowly), the Horror Flicks would start rolling up and we were ready to play precisely at 2:15. Unfortunately, this was not the case for a very depleted Fourhands squad. They would only have 5 people present, which is not generally a great recipe for success. We would start on D upwind and get a quick break. This would lead to more and more quick breaks until we took half 8-3. Luckily, the Fourhands were able to muster up a line of 7 people after around 3 or 4 points, but the Horror Flicks were not living up to their name and playing quite the opposite of horrible. Maybe our most cohesive half of frisbee of the year. Our confidence may have gotten a tiny bit too high, because the 2nd half was when disaster struck for us. We would give up 4 straight points right away, so we only had an 11-9 lead. Once again, our biggest issue was just catching and throwing the disc. We would fix up those catching and throwing issues and take the game with ease, winning 15-10, despite a bit of a spooky half. Summary of game: We are good team when catch and throw. We are bad team when drop and throw bad.

On to the highlights of the game! Frank continued her MVP season with an undefeated 3 games, proving to be (likely) the only player to not lose a game in the entire league. She provided 2 assists, but again, was an absolute force against the zone. We may struggle without her and Kay in the playoffs, but it brings my heart great joy to know while we’re dominating the league playoffs, they’ll be dominating CCC and we can all celebrate when both of us are crowned champions. Ellie had multiple D’s on the day, many of the times covering male-matching players. She also brought in 2 assists and a score. The one and only Evan O’Neil had a monster game with 3 big D’s. I don’t remember all of them, but I do fondly remember 2 of them being on their endzone and saving goals. Ya can’t teach heart like that. Once in a lifetime player right there. Joe had 4 assists. Not quite as many as my 5 assists, but his definitely looked cooler. And he certainly didn’t have any turnovers on the day. A 4:0 assist to turnover ratio is pretty good I guess? Keep up the good work Joe! Plant did Plant things and scored 7 (maybe 8?) times this game. Our game said 15 points were scored, but we had 16 scores and 16 assists tallied, so we may have actually won with 16 points? I’m not too sure, but hey Plant scores a lot either way. Paul had a big D and worked very well on the zones, getting his 7th score of the season. He is also looking much more comfortable making dumps against zones. And the big story is the return of Larissa. Appendix or not, this girl is back to balling. 2 scores and a D and we’re so excited to have her back for the playoffs. The Fourhands had contributions from everyone (since they were savage), but Eric, Alec, Tommy, and Andrew really did a good job working the disc up the field. Four(hands) absolute workhouses out there.

So that’s it. To the 12 people (8 of which are Horror Flicks) who actually read these reports, I’m sorry that this will be the last one. I know that the stories I tell are absolutely riveting and I hope that they make your day a little better. I’m really super proud of how far this team has come. There were rumblings at the beginning of the season that we were the worst team in the league, and we’ve really pulled it together and can pull off an amazing upset in playoffs. We’ve showed we can beat any team in this league and I hope that we can put all the pieces together for a special playoff run. We’ve got the youth, so hopefully the long one-day tournament plays an advantage for us. Either way, I’ve had a fun season and am excited for the end of season party this Sunday. See y’all later!!

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