11/12: Frisboos Would’ve Won if it Wasn’t for those Meddling Kids

With many friends again out, Frisboos played the final regular season game against a similarly-depleted Scoober Snacks, who went on a crazy run in the second half that we finally broke a bit too late (that Mystery Machine is pretty fast once it gets going). Delena had a sick second-chance catch to win the game off a fingertips-D from Ben, Dave and Carsten had a bunch of fun plays against each other in a close matchup, Shea didn’t offer me any beer all game long, and Steven had a crazy catch that resurrected their possession from the grave (after the back of my head apparently somehow had an affair with part of his leg, which Jess Peterson apparently caught on video and I apparently forgot to try and delete).

Frisboos started strong with a score from Vander ON HIS 18TH BIRTHDAY (which he added to with several D’s later in the game) and managed to take half with some scores from Reagan and Carsten, before the second half happened and Scoober Snacks unmasked the villain to solve the mystery (we all knew it was Bonnie from the start). Shoutouts to freaking Carsten for playing while recovering from an illness this week but still doing what he freaking does (great D’s and scores on both ends from he and Dave), Lucia for coming back to us and doing cool stuff all game long (at least 3 assists while playing in Crocs), Reagan for catching 2 scores from me (probably the most I’ve ever thrown in my life; good thing my receiver is a registered BA in the state of Florida), TK for a SICK NASTY layout D, Drea for being flexibly awesome whether handling or cutting, and Ben for catching one one of the 5 hucks I’ve thrown all season (thanks for being uncomfortably tall, mate).


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