Week 8 – Workshop Against the World

At start time, Mermaids had exactly one player who quickly told me that they were forfeiting.  Luckily for us, both Tax and Schanny were too low on numbers to play their game, and I had several FloridB guys come out to help supplement Mermaids’ numbers.  This culminated in Workshop’s 9 players playing against three league teams combined into one with a couple of ringers (I think around 15 total opposing players?).
The game started off with a 10 turnover point, with both teams struggling in the wind.  We finally punched it in and apparently the wind was no longer interested in watching bad ultimate, because it quickly died down.  We used this game to practice some modifications to our zone and the combo team struggled mightily against it for about 3/4 of the game.  On the offensive side of things, we were able to move the disc downfield pretty easily and connected on a lot of our hucks early.  This led us to take half up 8-1.  The second half was more of the same until around 13-2 when the combination of our tired legs and relatively fresh opponents who were starting to connect with each other led to a pretty large meltdown by our squad.  I think the combo team rattled off at least 5 breaks in a row, with FloridB pick-up Nate Marshall leading the charge.  He D’d me on several challenging deep throws and had a massive handblock on an Adub huck.  Nate also dropped several dime hucks through our zone that accounted for a majority of their goals.
After a composure timeout, we were finally able to settle down and score our last two goals to end it 15-10 Workshop.  Big shoutout to captains Tommy, Danny, and Schimmel for agreeing to give us an actual game instead of just playing pick-up.  We were able to work on some things that will hopefully propel us to the championship next week.  The highlight of the game from our side had to be Mike’s two perfect hucks for goals.  After scoring a ton of our goals last week and now throwing several this week, Mike is making a strong push to up his draft stock before next season.
Our squad should be at full strength for playoffs next week and are looking forward to getting some revenge on Shaaron for giving us two of our three regular season losses!

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