Week 1 – Cutterflies versus Huckery Caterpillars

We came into week 1 coming off of a stellar performance in the preseason week. We played last week like we were in midseason form already and so when I saw we were going up against a team with 1 FMP present and a missing Steven, I felt really good about our chances and was hoping to get home early to watch what was sure to be a close NFC Championship game. We very quickly and efficiently shredded their 6 person zone for the first point of the game. The rest of the Caterpillar roster slowly started crawling in, with Jiggins and Steven showing up for the third point. Our advantage was gone and as the points went on, our performance started to decline while the Caterpillars steadily got better. Too many dropped passes and errant throws put us down at half 8-7.  I’m not even sure what happened in the second half, other than I didn’t touch the disc a single time and I don’t believe Caterpillars ever turned it over. Our offensive possessions continued to be plagued by early drops and throwaways and our defense kept getting beat too easily in the deep space. The Caterpillars pulled away pretty quickly and ended up taking the W, 15-9.

On a positive note for us, we got a bit of zone practice in and did force the handling crew of Caterpillars to make a ton of passes in the red zone before eventually finding the open person in the endzone. We have a ton of talent and experience (shoutout to FloridB class of 2005), but our stellar attendance (all 4 ladies and 11 guys) is making it hard to get into any sort of rhythm on the field. We’ll hopefully have this figured out by the next game.

For Caterpillars, Brad apparently took offense to Nevin posterizing him in the preseason and consistently made us pay for being out of position on defense. He punctuated Caterpillar’s dominance with a walk-off backhand huck near the end of the game. Didn’t even wait for it to be caught before he was on the sideline sipping a beverage. How rude.

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