Scoober Snacks got Devoured

Game 1 – vs Zach and Michelle’s Pop Quiz

This week at league Shea and Jia’s team finally found their name – courtesy of Delena and Max’s love of Scooby Doo. That was probably the part of the games today I felt the best about. Unfortunately this week both halves of this captain pair and some of our teammates were a little under the weather from celebrating the Gator’s upset win against Tennessee a little too much.

The schedule was not kind to start the season for the Scoober Snacks – starting off against the defending champs Zach and Michelle’s Pop Quiz team, and Zach’s teams are never one you can have a slow start against. We managed to do exactly that. Our offense which I suspect will be potent later this season was not firing on all cylinders and we had a couple of costly miscues from the usually steady hands of Steven, Max, and Jia. Also Zach may have sold his soul cause every play that could have gone their way did – they had a point where they got 3-4 lucky tipped discs caught – part of that may have been the great field awareness of Pat and Emory but I prefer to explain it by Zach using Voodoo or something.

We had some solid defensive play on our side of the disc with 6/10 players in attendance notching a D during this game – Donovan had some great Ds on the sideline and in the endzone and I expect him to become a vital part of this team’s defense. Jenny got some great run down Ds on hucks over Zach’s towering squad of ladies. Shea got a foot-block on Jared which seemed to echo with the unstoppable force of a Jared flick huck colliding with the immovable object that is Shea’s foot. Unfortunately the Scoober Snack offense could not capitalize on our great D and would lose handily to Zach’s squad with the final score being 9-3.

Game 2 – vs Jaylynne and Devon

When you have Billy O’Bryan, Rosie, and Jaylynne on the opposite side of the field you know it’s going to be a tough game to win. This game had much improved flow on the Scoober Snack side of the disc but due to some early departures, stats were missed, since we ended up playing with only one sub. This game was a fun one to play with interesting and competitive matchups all over the field. Billy vs Max, Clyde vs Brandon, Rosie vs Jenny – there were a lot of cool plays in this game including what could’ve been a great layout by max if he only knew how to catch the disc… But between the heat and playing a little hungover I don’t remember too many highlights for this game, we would go on to tie it up 5-5 before half but then let Jaylynne’s squad score 3 unanswered for a final score of 5-8.

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