Painting a picture of Playoffs

Lets talk playoffs and how wrong those pre-season predictions from our alleged “Frisbee Psychic” were. Lets start off with a refresher of where everyone was ranked preseason.

Preseason Rankings according to “Frisbee Psychic”

  1. Bonnie and Ben – Murder Hornets
  2. Zach and Michelle – Cutterflies
  3. Jeff and Clyde – Dump Beetles
  4. Joe and Billy – Bumble Deez
  5. Asa and Devon – Dragonflies
  6. Jess and Nathan – Huckery Caterpillars

Playoff Seeds:

  1. Jess and Nathan – Huckery Caterpillars
  2. Bonnie and Ben – Murder Hornets
  3. Joe and Billy – Bumble Deez
  4. Zach and Michelle – Cutterflies
  5. Jeff and Clyde – Dump Beetles
  6. Asa and Devon – Dragonflies

So right off the bat let’s take care of the obvious: Huckery Caterpillars. This preseason predicted toilet bowl team had a 9-1 season, only dropping one game to the Bumble Deez on a week when they were plagued by absentees and injuries. The key areas our “Frisbee Psychic” missed in his analysis were underestimating Brad’s knees and expecting Huckery to ensue instead of listening to World Champion TK… The Caterpillars clearly listened to TK, winning many tight games on universe, one of which was won by completing 86 passes on a row. This team wins by playing slow consistent offense. Don’t let them get any Ds on you since you are unlikely to match their offense. He was right that Sam Martocci was going to miss a lot of games for Spikeball… I am not sure if he ever showed up.

Let’s give credit where credit is due to our friendly neighborhood Psychic – they were pretty spot on with their predictions for the rest of the crowd though they underestimated Joe and Billy’s Bumble Deez.  I am pretty sure this discrepancy is totally explained by how inspired this team was all season by their clearly superior team name. It definitely had nothing to do with Joe’s league leading 51 assists.

Alright, now lets talk  playoffs.


Q1 – Cutterflies vs Dump Beetles

  • Dump Beetles just lack the consistent handling that we see on our top 4 seeds
  • Unfortunately for DB Danny cannot be both your best handler and best deep threat, but he can be your newest influencer at the Knot.
  • Give me Cutterflies over Dump Beetles 9 – 4

Q2 – Huckery Caterpillars vs Murder Hornets (for preferred semi-finals opponent)

  • This is an interesting match up where I expect neither team to play much defense
  • I give Huckery the edge cause Steven Nguy “doesn’t care”
  • With a win I expect Huckery Caterpillars to select to play the winner of Q1 – Cutterflies
  • Give me Huckery over Murder 9 – 8

Q3 – Bumble Deez vs Dragonflies

  • The dragonflies have had a rough season and have yet to find their first win
  • Bumble Deez is a solid team that has been unlucky in close games
  • If Dave “Frisbros” Klinges shows up I am betting on Bumble Deez to win it all
  • If Dave “Frisbros” Klinges does not show up Bumble Deez will be a semi-finals exit.
  • Give me Deez Nuts over Dragonflies 9 – 6

Predicted Semis

S1 – Cutterflies vs Huckery Caterpillars

  • I expect an easy win for Huckery here
  • Zach is going to throw a hat at some point (hopefully not on Universe)
  • No chance Zach and Michelle repeat as champions
  • Give me Caterpillars over Cutterflies for the third time this season! I expect 9 – 5

S2 – Bumble Deez vs Murder Hornets

  • This should be the most fun match up to watch of the playoffs
  • Both these teams are huck heavy teams with a lot of height.
  • If Dave “Frisbros” Klinges shows up I am betting on Bumble Deez
  • BUT I doubt Dave “Frisbros” Klinges will show up so I’ll take Murder Hornets in this game
  • Give me Hornets over Deez Nuts (gottem, also ouch?) with a score of 9 – 6

Predicted Finals

F1 – Huckery Caterpillars vs Murder Hornets

  • Predicting the  1 and 2 seed to make it to finals is a shocker I know
  • This game could be interesting with scouting reports expecting Huckery to be short on ladies for the final game (@ Jenny Nguy plz quit your job)
  • Murder Hornets was been abusing most teams with their tall and talented ladies (lookin @ you Emory)
  • Give me Murder Hornets knocking off Huckery Caterpillars in a close game with some spicy defense
  • Predicted score Hornets over Huckery 15 – 12

Let me know where I got it wrong and what you think below!

Yours truly,

Mr. Rogers’s Neighbor

One thought on “Painting a picture of Playoffs

  1. I will get it a go. Don’t be scared..
    Few things to mention.
    I am on seed # 4.
    Games to 9 are short quick games. that is factor.
    90 minutes per round is too long for games to 9.
    Games will get to 9. first to 9 wins. I do like that.
    Jerseys for the playoffs should be mandatory. white or blue please.
    don’t show off our favorite jersey. wear the penny.

    There should be no 3/4 game during the finals.
    everyone hang our watch and heckle the finals. give them a crowd. Jeff will have a few coolers out there to help motivate you to hang around.

    # 3 beats # 6 Going away. # 3 has a chance here to win the day and league.
    # 4 beats # 6 is a close game. game is only to 9. # 6 could win.
    # 2 beats # 1.

    so # 2 picks their team. kind of a neat gimmick. You get to look around and see which team is the lesser team that day. basically attendance issues. Tough call. I think they pick us. seed # 4. seed # 3 is scary.

    so in the semis we have :
    seed # 2 v seed # 4. close game. could go either way. seed # 2 wins 9 to 7.
    seed # 4 is build for longer games and days. these short games hurt us.

    Seed # 1 v Seed #3. Seed # 3 wins. close game but seed # 3 wins.
    number one seed ends the season with back to back loses.

    Finals will be
    Seed # 2 v Seed #3.

    Close game. you tell me – who wins. I will be back on the morning of game day and post my winner.

    if seed # 4 some how finds themselves in the finals.. watch out. They are built for type of day.

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