Accuracy Competition

We are going to take the goaltimate Arch and cable tie some poles across the bottom to make it into circle.   That is going to be the target.

If your throw goes through the arch you made it.   You move on to the next round.

There is not going to be a sign up per say.

You just have to be there at the start.

Bring your own disc.

Any throw is legal.

We will go down wind.

It will be on field 2 or 3 out in the middle of the field.

We will start ASAP(minutes) after last game is completed

The first throw is going to be an ice breaker straight away at 5 yards.

If you miss you are OUT!!

Each round will get backed up and we will add a minor curve from time to time.

When we get down to a few ladies or few guys we will pause and let them have a throw off for the cash prize.   25 dollars cash to the winners!!

The questions are:

Who misses the first 5 yarder?

Who wins?

How far back to we get?


2 thoughts on “Accuracy Competition

  1. Fair question
    I like it and the winner will love it –

    Answer :
    5 dollar cash on site
    Only before the finals showdown

    All rebuys to the winner
    Good luck

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