We Might be The Murder Hornets but We are also The Lord of the ^Flies^

The Murder Hornets Over The Dragon^flies^ and The Cutter^flies^

The Dragonflies were savage for the first half of this game with Reagan Vesely as their sole FMP, the very same position Emory Wellman (Oyster Scientist and Bivalve Enthusiast) found herself in last week. Except this week, Reagan had to represent during two games instead of one for somewhere around 30 points played.

Much like our game last week, we did not do anything extraordinary, except once a turn occurred, we took our time only taking what they gave us to score 5 consecutive points before Aaron Colverson and a few other Dragonflies showed up to reinforce the team. From then on, we traded points until The Murder Hornets finished the game 11-6.

After each team cheered for one another, The Murder Hornets chose Jackson Langhout to receive our spirit award gift for playing well in the handler position and his exceptional ability to continue to grind. Our second gift went to Reagan, a seasoned college handler, as MVP for a flawless game against us.

For The Murder Hornets, there is only one player who deserves all of the accolades from this game. Trieu Nguyen secured his first CALLAHAN!!! We all thought it was too good to be Trieu but Ben Chapin put a huge mark on The Dragonflies offense in their endzone causing a lofty dump that Trieu caught for the score. Congratulations, my friend. Your name goes down on a short list of people who have pulled that off.

Exit field two and enter field three.

The Cutterflies will be in the top four. With the minds of Skool, Nes, and Zach and the offensive dominance of Michelle, Bailey, Anthony, and Plant, they will continue to forge the whole team into a cohesive unit in an attempt to win it all this season.

Both teams were stacked enough to know that this was going to be a great game no matter who came out on top. Zach said it best, this was a weird game. The Murder Hornets started on O and as we advanced the disc up the field between Brandon as the left handler, Ben in the middle, and with me on the right, I found myself catching a disc and being called OB. I looked around and sure enough I was no less than 10 feet out of bounds. Turn and broken. Point two was a long one because both teams wanted the point so badly. The Dragonflies wanted to get that HUGE 2-0 and The Murder Hornets NEEDED to respond to that first break. After a couple of turns a piece The Murder Hornets tied it up and some of the nervous tension dissipated.

We traded until 3-3 and then The Murder Hornets capitalized on two in a row. Time out called by the Dragonflies to strategize and regroup. Not sure what was said, but before we knew it they tied us up at 5 and then they proceeded to take half at 6-5 Dragonflies over Murder Hornets.

Starting the second half on D was harsh. Dragonflies scored quickly making it 7-5. This continued until   9-7. Throughout the entire second half every time The Murder Hornets were on the line to receive or pull everyone had the same thing to say, “We can still do this.” It was said with complete understanding and without emotion. We were all on the same page and we believed one another when we said it. So we started scoring until we were on top at 10-9. The Dragonflies answered with their own point taking us to universe with The Murder Hornets receiving.

Lines were chosen for the last point of the game by each team. It was the longest point of the game. The Murder Hornets received and worked it, but the closer The Murder Hornets got to the endzone, the better The Dragonflies defense performed. And then there was the gift The Dragonflies needed when a sure handed Murder Hornet dropped the disc. Then we went through the same process described above and as they were about to score, we received the very same gift of opportunity. This happened one more time with each team on this universe point until Carsten and Emory of the Murder Hornets ended it all. Carsten threw a high release blady backhand to a space in the endzone that only Emory could barely get to for a layout score.

Shouts To:

Anthony Trania – Everyone on our team acknowledged how this man does not stop and just keeps on looking fresh; If you are masters eligible, you should call me! (I’m not kidding (561) 762-6464)

Matthew Stock – Has hands and ups! Great job catching everything within reach and holding onto the disc after contact!

Ryan Plant – Never stop, brother! Loved seeing some of the video footage online from your games this Sunday.

Mohammed Mumtaz – Cutter AND Handler; He threw the only throw (low release backhand) that could get past THE Chris Bailey for a score to Carsten.

Steven Johnson (Skool) – Impressed the sideline with great pulls with and against the wind all day.

*Of note: If you really want to level up your performance and get warmed up at the same time and meet some people who are not on your league team, I encourage you to arrive at 1:30 for a series of drills that will get your mind and body ready to compete during your league game(s).

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