Pop Quiz 11/12

Coming off of last week’s double universe wins, I was hoping that this week would be a little less exciting. The first time we played Jeff and Ben’s team, it was a bit of a blowout. They started off the game throwing a zone at us, to which I thought to myself, “Perfect, we’re mostly old handlers, easy W!”. We then proceeded to get broken 3 times in a row on really baffling turns that were thrown directly to them. Bhagya (who wasn’t there for the first time we played them) used his Go-Go-Gadget arms in the short deep position to generate multiple turns. We also forgot that the force isn’t just a thing from Star Wars and let them very easily move the disc down the force side, break side, wherever. At 0-4, Jeff called a mercy timeout, and we confirmed that we should throw the disc to the team wearing white, not blue. Jared also stepped on the field for the first time at this point (seriously, are all your clocks 15 minutes behind!?) and we finally punched in a score. We threw a zone of our own at them and got several breaks back making it 3-4. DSH would settle in and we traded points until we went on a run to take half 8-7.

The second half would start the same as the first half, with us seemingly forgetting that you want to score MORE points than the other team in this game, going down 8-11. Unfortunately, there would be no comeback this time and DSH ran away with it, 12-15.

Bhagya is pretty good. He did have a hilariously bad drop on a would be goal though, so he is still somewhat human. We could not stop Josh from throwing break side flick blades or Bhagya from receiving them. DSH’s ladies also came away with a bunch of wide open catches for big yards.

We had a lot of good moments in this game that were overshadowed by the outcome. We got to practice zone O and D a lot, which we desperately needed. Nic had a great game, with several big Ds and, I believe, a turnover free game on the offensive side of things. Superlative committee better not overlook him for Steal of the Draft! Michael also had another good game of continuous improvement, getting a D on Bhagya early in the game as well as scoring two goals. *cough* ROTY! *cough cough*

With everyone expected to be in attendance, we’re looking forward to a deep playoff run next week!


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