Captain’s Report – Game 1

Captain’s Report

Game 1: Surprisingly Thicker vs. Gang Green

Score 15-12 – Thicker

Surprisingly Thicker was very fortunate to play a nice team like Gang Green, as they started the game by kindly lending us one of their female matching players (Kay) since we only had one (Captain Jenny) available to start the game. Kay was a force in Thicker’s zone defense and also did an excellent job handling during the first half. By halftime, Thicker doubled their female matching players with Sara arriving, and thus Kay went back to the Green side.

The game started out with Thicker on offense with surprisingly good movement down the field, resulting in a Trieu hammer to Austin in the endzone. Gang Green, however, was not affected by this and proceeded to move patiently down the field. Thicker’s clammy defense did force Gang Green to make an awful lot of throws, but they completed all of them and scored. Back and forth it went, with thicker ending up with a slight lead at the end of the first half (8-6).

The second half started well for Thicker, getting a D and then moving it patiently down the field. At one point, it looked like Thicker was going to pull away with it and go up four but a few miscues stopped Thicker’s momentum. Gang Green capitalized and came roaring back scoring three in a row to tie the game 12-12. At this point it was anybody’s game!

This is when Captain Jenny made the play of the day by calling timeout. She knew the Thicker players needed a break and an inspirational talk. During the huddle, Captain Jenny told the team they needed to play better, and Captain Anton brilliantly suggested to throw to the open person. The Thicker players responded well to this excellent advice and proceeded to score the last three points.

A few highlights were Jenny’s one arm endzone catch and dives to save a couple of low throws. Coach Oster’s beautiful hucks throughout the game. Thomas throwing dimes to Austin in the endzone when the team really needed it. Aaron playing lights out all day and bailing Anton out on multiple occasions when the stall count was getting high. Evan doing an excellent job handling. And Dan’s sweet D.

Austin was Thicker’s MVP with multiple Ds and at least five scores including the final three. Of course, someone needed to throw the disc to him and Thomas, Aaron, and Trieu (all runner up MVPs) each had beautiful throws on the final three scores.

From my perspective, it seemed all of Gang Green’s players played really well! Nathan, Logan, Reagan, Chris and Tom did an excellent job handling and not forcing throws. But it was Tommy Aiken, who made a few soul crushing dimes into the endzone that kept Gang Green energized and motivated. They are a stacked team and are likely to make some waves in this league.

Overall, it was a great game. Good spirited and well played by both teams.

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