The Poo Bears start the season with a dominant win over purple

Natalie and I made a bold choice in choosing the color brown for our team, but the team has embraced it’s color and has adopted the name Poo Bears courtesy of a suggestion by THE Will Byrd.

I was a bit concerned when my team only had 4 people on the field at 5:55 and Purple had a deep line warming up. Max and Natalie seemed amped about the possibility of playing 4 v 7, butt luckily the Poo Bears started to trickle in and we were able to have a solid line by 6:05.

We started with the wind on defense and managed to capitalize on a poor throw by Purple to take the first point. After we scored and gave Purple the opportunity to work with the wind they scored quickly on a great huck by Kate to Brad (who knew Brad could run, let alone run fast). After that the Poo Bears would score a few points to go up 3-1 at which point Max decided to turn up the turn overs and let Purple surge back and the game would be tied at 4-4. After this the Poo Bears were blessed by a red shirted bear walking up to the fields that was none other than Pat Gettino dressed up in a Winnie the Pooh onesie but still ready to play. This created a huge momentum shift even before Pat got on the field and we would not let Purple score again in the first half, taking it up 8-4. Shout out to Katherine Pearson for back to back scores late in the first half.

The Poo Bears spent some time to review “the force” during half and saw some defensive improvements and continued to outperform Purple on offense. Trevor and Natalie were major threats deep and in the mid field giving Cooper, Jia, and Shea consistent middle field cuts and receiving many deep puts by Max. Trevor and Natalie’s efforts helped the rest of the Poo Bears get open and we were able to have almost everyone score. Cooper was the only Poo Bear player who did not catch a score and that was only because he was too busy putting the disc to others.

Purple tried their best at a comeback but were simply outmatched against the Poo Bears who would go on to win the game 15 – 6/7. We were too busy having a good time to keep exact score. This was a great game that had only TWO calls made the entire game, there was a good pick call in the first half and a ‘Not in’ call that was quickly overturned by Brad – shoutout to Purple for their excellent spirit. This was such a fun game to start the season with.

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