Game 1: the opener

Game 1: the introduction to what Nathan and I foresee to be the gold medal era for Team Green(official name yet to be determined).
Started off on the rocks, a mess, cuts everywhere and nowhere. Handlers found the groove after 3-4 points (lots of handler rotation due to team built of 80% cutter), height advantage allowed us to make up some ground(sweet sweet air time for Nathan, Logan, and wyly).
Hand block galore (kay and Nathan).
Lots of Tom <>Tommy connections. Green found our stride in second half with great motivational half time speech via Tom. Poppers makin it easy for forward progression, locking down man defense after some half time lessons. Ultimately couldn’t get the 15 points before the other team, but green will rise from the ashes of the fallen forest. Till next time…..xoxo

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