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GNV ULTY Board Member Interest Form


Every sports organization is governed by a group of individuals with set roles and responsibilities. As we all know, running a league is extremely rewarding, but it also requires a lot of work. Having committed volunteers to serve on the board of directors and share in the responsibilities can make a big difference in the success of Gainesville Ultimate League.

When applying to these positions it is important to think about the skill set and responsibilities needed for the various board roles. Duties of Board members include attending at least one meeting per season to take care of routine business, plan activities and develop policies. Each board member also has specific responsibilities outlined below.

If you are interested in being considered for a board position, willing to accept the obligations of board membership, and willing to be dedicated to the goals of the league then we need you. Please complete the following application to be considered.

You may apply for any board positions, open or occupied, at any time. Unoccupied positions may be filled at any time. All positions will be voted on before each Fall League.

Currently unoccupied positions are:

  • Administration and Web Design
  • Sponsorships and Marketing
  • Outreach and College Coordinator
  • DEI Director
  • Spirit & Culture Leader

Board Position Roles and Responsibilities

Commissioner: Ensures league happens & we adhere to our mission & values. Provide updates to schedules, standings & league content.

  • Responsible for ensuring our GNV ULTY board members uphold their responsibilities and our missions and values
  • Responsible for leading board meetings and ensuring all topics are discussed in a fair, open and inclusive setting
  • Responsible for all league communication and content
  • Responsible for league operation items such as insurance and field reservations

Administration & Web Design: Responsible for maintenance of league data, stats and forms and managing the league website.

  • Manage league data such as sign-ups and player/team stats
  • Organize league calendar and game schedule
  • Manage the league website and its content

Player Management & Captain Adherence: Responsible for setting and managing captain and player expectations and ensuring these expectations are communicated consistently and effectively.

  • Assign and onboard team captains, ensuring league expectations are communication effectively
  • Responsible for holding captains to league standards and disseminating captain survey feedback
  • Responsible for organization of league format (ie rules, championships, double headers etc)

Sponsorships & Marketing: Fosters sponsorship and relationship building in the community.

  • Foster sponsorships and relationship building in the community
  • Manage location logistics for league draft, socials and end of season events
  • Oversee organization and operation of tournament events

Treasurer: Responsible for maintenance and transparency of league budget, expenses, dues and jersey orders.

  • Responsible for collecting and tracking league dues and reaching our for late and missing dues
  • Responsible for annual update on expenses and league margins
  • Responsible for ordering of jerseys, discs and other league items
  • Responsible for deciding budgets for league events like end of season parties

Outreach & College Coordinator: Coordinates efforts for player development, activities, and recruitment.

  • Outreach to schools and youth programs and building a youth game to coincide with league games
  • Outreach with college club players and foster the relationship between the league and the UF Club.
  • Oversee field setup and maintenance.
  • Responsible for player development activities such a pre-league skills n drills and outreach with pickup events

DEI Director: Tasked with ensuring the league is continuing to work towards a more inclusive community.

  • Help ensure minority groups are included and supported
  • Manage any league grievances
  • Educate captains on the use of inclusive language
  • Continually work to update practices to most inclusive and best practices

Women’s Matching Player Director: Tasked with ensuring the league is continuing to work towards a more inclusive community focusing on Women matching players experience.

  • Assisting outreach director in recruitment and retention of new female matching players
  • Assist DEI director on league grievances regarding female matching players
  • Educate captains on being inclusive to female matching players
  • Organize events and leagues for women matching players

Spirit & Culture Leader: Tasked with ensuring the league and its members are following USAU rules regarding Spirit of the Game.

  • Help ensure league is adhering to USAU rules regarding Spirit of the game
  • Assist captains in developing tools to resolve issues on and off the field
  • Manage any league grievances

Interest Form

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*Please note that we will be sending out your responses to the greater league community to review and vote on new board members when applicable. Thank you for taking the time to fill out the application!