Dump Beetles vs. Dragonflies – Holy heck what a game

This was one for the ages y’all! I’m late in typing this up, but hopefully enough of this still remains in my brain to give a good accounting of what was probably the most fun and epic game of our season so far. Dump Beetles came out swinging and went up 2-0. Then the DragonfliesContinue reading “Dump Beetles vs. Dragonflies – Holy heck what a game”

Not Puce/Duck Tails v. Kelly Green

Holy smokes, what a beautiful day for Ultimate. Not Puce AKA Duck Tails squared off against Kelly Green, and this turned into one of those games that, win or lose, was just a blast to play. There was great spirit, great play, and overall it just felt like an affirmation of everything to love aboutContinue reading “Not Puce/Duck Tails v. Kelly Green”